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Marco Rubio Fires Back At Elizabeth Warren For Senate Antics! Watch!


Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts was shut down on the Senate floor while reading a letter written by Coretta King, wife of deceased civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Mitch McConnell invoked Rule 19 to get her off the floor and now the media has been in a frenzy ever since. Most importantly, Senate colleague Marco Rubio is firing back at her for her ridiculous antics!

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Senator Rubio took to the floor to address Warren’s criticisms of the future Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He said the following about the entire ordeal,

One of the great freedoms of our nation is the ability to come forward and have debates. But the Founders, framers, those who established this institution and guided it for over two centuries understood that that debate was impossible if in fact the matters became of a personal nature. Turn on the news and watch these parliaments around the world where people throw chairs at each other, and punches, and ask yourself how does that make you feel about those countries. Doesn’t give you a lot of confidence about those countries. Now I’m not arguing that we’re anywhere near that here tonight…but we’re flirting with it. We’re flirting with it in this body, and we’re flirting with it in this country.”

Rubio emphasized that when one side of the aisle brings up an idea the other side immediately points to a malicious motivation without giving it any thought or consideration. He said,

I’m telling you guys, we are reaching a point in this Republic when we can’t solve the simplest of issues because everyone is putting themselves in a corner where everyone hates everybody.”

The former presidential nominee insisted that all public servants as well as Americans need to have mutual respect for one another and to conduct their business and their debates with that respect. Regardless of their ideological disagreements. He maintained that if the status quo continues people will begin to hate each other and it will devolve into an era where no debate occurs. Making them all ineffective and nominally powerful.

Rubio has always been an artful debater who is respected for his class and dignity. While he had a slight misstep when going toe to toe with Donald Trump during the presidential election overall he is revered by Republicans. This shows everyone exactly why.


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