Man Executes Perfect REVENGE On Cheating Girlfriend, Gives Heart-shaped Box & A Surprise!

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Ahh, SICK! This sends chills up my spine and makes me shutter every time I watch the video! Have you ever contemplated what you would do if your significant other cheated on you? Many of us would take the high road and move on, while others like this man, well, let’s just say, people like him still have a little more room for maturity to grow.

A man allegedly caught his girlfriend cheating on him, he decided payback was in order and gave her what many girls hate the most…worst of all he filmed himself getting his revenge in the worst way.

After setting up a hidden camera in his car, the boyfriend gives his lover a present gifted inside a cute heart-shaped box and wrapped in a pink bow.
From the outside, it looks like the pressie could well be a yummy box of chocolates.

After the man passes his unsuspecting partner a Valentine’s surprise, he gives her a hug before leaving her in the backseat to unwrap her gift.

However, things soon start to take a turn for the worse when the pretty blonde begins to eagerly unwrap the present.

As she flips off the lid, the woman is left horrified at the hordes of cockroaches enclosed inside the box.

In shock, the love rat then throws the box in the air sending the creepy-crawlies flying everywhere around her.


The gift looks utterly harmless, seeing how it’s wrapped in a pretty pink bow…

The girlfriend desperately tried to escape from the car, but the boyfriend thought ahead and locked the car doors, she was stuck! What a nightmare.

Many have given their opinions of the video, one user said: “This is the most evil prank.”

Another person added: “That is a horrid thing to do. How awful.”

Many theorized that: “It looks staged. She can barely contain herself so as to not burst laughing.”

Another added: “This seems fake.”
Do you believe them? Or did this guy really muster up the nerve to haunt this girl’s nightmares forever more by being trapped in a car with bugs?

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