Looks like the Gravy Train Is Coming to an End!!! [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump is a man of action and so are his political appointees.  Ajit Pai is a federal whistleblower who exhausted nearly all his breath blowing whistles on Barack Obama’s Federal Communications Commission.  Under Donald Trump, he’s now the head of the SEC.  Pai is also the Democrats’ worst nightmare because he’s putting a stop to the gravy train known as ObamaPhones.

The ObamaPhone program comes from legislation that was originally passed in the 1930’s that would ensure that rural Americans had access to telephones.  You probably won’t be shocked to find out that Barack Obama and the Democrats twisted this program into a way to buy votes.

The program was regulated by the FCC and was wracked with fraud.  Commissioner Pai testified before the Congress about how the program was allowing telephone companies to pocket tens of millions of dollars by enrolling fake users in the ObamaPhone program.  During most of Obama’s term, Commissioner Pai was the lone Republican on the FCC. Democrats used the scheme to buy votes.

As a side note, you heard in that report that ObamaPhone recipients had to show a photo ID to get a phone.  Based on Democrats’ contentions about having to show a photo ID to vote, I’d like to know why having to show a photo ID to get a free cell phone isn’t just as racist.

Commissioner Pai and the Republican Congress aren’t going to end the ObamaPhone program; they’re just going to cut it for $2.25 billion to $1.5 million.  Let the screaming begin.

One of the things that Commissioner Pai is going to do is implement a transparent management and budget process at the FCC.  You’ll probably remember a presidential candidate who promised “the most transparent government ever” and then gave us the scandal at the IRS, Hillary Clinton’s email server, the ObamaPhone scandal, and weaponized the federal government into a tool to use against conservatives and created a pocketbook full of taxpayer money to buy votes for Democrats.

With Commissioner Pai’s work at the FCC and Rex Tillerson laying off people at the State Department, it looks like the gravy train may be coming to an end.  It can’t come soon enough.

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