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The Joke is On SNL! What They Are Doing to Trump is Backfiring! BIG LEAGUE!


Well well well…looks like SNL is getting stale with their jokes on Trump. People are getting run down with them and recent polling is showing evidence of this loud and clear.

They have been ruthlessly mocking President Trump and his administration for so long, that now Americans are getting tired of their act, in fact, sick and tired of it. As comedians, they are suppose to be a neutral party, but that’s not what they are doing at all.  It’s getting noticed too.

Honestly it’s becoming a problem because they are not evening out their blows between foes.  They are directing all their shots at President Trump and constantly forcing him into their crosshairs.


It’s getting old…

In fact, a Morning Consult poll recently revealed that a significant plurality of SNL viewers either never enjoyed the show’s blatant attacks on the U.S. president or have grown tired of them, even if they enjoyed the skits in the beginning.

Nineteen percent of poll participants said they now “would like SNL to focus on something else,” while another 16 percent said they have “not enjoyed the impersonations of the members of President Trump’s administration,” meaning that 35 percent of the poll’s total respondents were in favor of SNL retiring the anti-Trump skits.

In comparison, only 33 percent of poll participants said they “would like to see more” of the show’s skits about the president, while 31 percent said they had “no opinion” on the matter.

Although the comedy show has enjoyed six year-high ratings lately, the executives should take into consideration the large number of viewers who were either no longer interested or were never interested in watching Trump be made fun of on national television.



I couldn’t agree more!


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