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LOL! Famed Actor Scott Baio Just CRUSHED Nordstroms With Something They Didn’t See Coming AT ALL!


Famed actor and after you see this you’ll learn he was also a BIG SPENDER at Nordstrom’s, Scott Baio, really made a statement earlier Monday with a tweet that has since gone absolutely VIRAL….and with good reason.

He straight up humiliated Nordstroms with his tweet, due to their recent and very bizarre attack on the Trumps. Namely, Ivanka Trump and her fashion line that they decided to drop recently, citing financial reasons.

HAH! Bullcrap Nordstroms…the lie is so bad we’re embarrassed for you. This was a political decision, and there are many forms of evidence to back that…one even involving a hashtag for the movement. Ridiculous.

Anyhow back to Baio.

We’ve seen a bunch of different reactions since they dropped Ivanka’s line, but this one just maybe your favorite…because it hits them right where it hurts the most.

Shortly after the inauguration of President Trump, Nordstrom made the announcement that they would no longer carry Ivanka’s clothing line, shoes or her accessories.

Of course many believe that it is action taken as a personal boycott against President Trump’s travel ban and that Nordstrom was one of the companies that caved under the pressure from anti-Trump protesters.

I’d like to just say something on that…

For these companies that are caving in…good. If they are going to cave in over something like this they do not deserve to be in business and I hope it hurts them.

Have they forgotten which party ACTUALLY works for a living, and has been spending money with them for years…yet they dump us this easily? Just saying…think about it.

Of course their actions jump started a boycott that has women all across the nation cutting up their Nordstrom cards, and it’s beautiful. However, no cardholder has made an impact like what Baio has just done.

His wife is a cardholder… one who spends a lot of money there.

Look what he did, you’ll be proud.

The war began about Nordstrom’s boycott of President Trump that inspired all kinds of people to boycott Nordstrom. Very dumb move. Now, their game of playing politics is coming back to bite them as Nordstrom big spenders begin to pull out and make it public. This recent tweet from Scott Baio showing that his family had spent over $30,000 at the store last year and that they’re NEVER AGAIN shopping at Nordstrom… well it has got to be humiliating.

The reason why President Trump will win this war against the whiny left, is because Trump supporters put their money where their mouth is. Mostly because they have jobs and they have money. Anti-Trumpers will continue on their destructive rant of burning and vandalizing buildings and only turn the influencers like Starbucks against them in the end. Pro-Trumpers will continue to show that they’re happy soldiers trying to help America be great again.


HAHA… so while liberals make themselves look like utter hateful, destructive cowards…the REAL Trump supporters like singer Joy Villa reflect grace, class and set the example of their support of Trump.

Oh Nordstrom…how quickly you forget, the ones that spend the money are the ones that have the jobs.


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