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Life Lesson: McEmployees Across America Skip Work To Protest, Lose McJobs


Apparently Thursday was some kind of national protest day, called Day Without Immigrants. Lately there are so many protests, boycotts, demonstrations, and incidents of violence, nobody understands them anymore. I’m going to take a guess on this one, since it’s not worth the trouble to actually research exactly which bug these people have up their butt this time: I assume Day Without Immigrants was a protest against the new administration’s border policy, expressed by non-American-born employees skipping work to illustrate the vital role that immigrants play in the business workplace.

Sigh….. ok whatever.

ryanreynoldsomgA bunch of them got fired, too; at least 60 in 5 different states, according to the Charlotte Observer. In what was apparently a shock to these former employees, employers often have company policies regarding attendance at work. And they mean them.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, 12 Latino workers at the I Don’t Car Bar and Grill told KTUL that they were fired over text message because they did not show up for their scheduled shift and did not call in.

The employees told KTUL that while they expected to be reprimanded for missing work, they did not expect to be fired. However, the owner maintained the move was not political and was simply the result of the bar’s strict “no show/no call policy.” The owner also told KTUL has fired others recently for the same offense. Tulsa Public Radio reports that the restaurant has already started looking for new workers.


  • The company had a policy that if you don’t show up and don’t call in, you will be fired.
  • The company had fired people in the recent past in accordance with that policy, so they were demonstrably serious about it.
  • Yet these people expected to be merely reprimanded and not fired.

Why? Are they stupid? They are certainly ignorant of how things work in the real world. They seem to operate with a sense of entitlement, as if normal consequences to bad behavior do not apply to them.

I care not one whit about these formerly employed snowflakes, nor about the thousands who were not fired. I do not care about their issues, their politics, their lack of proper education, their upbringing, their conditioning by left-wing activists. But I do offer a couple of thoughts; life lessons, if you will, a helping hand for stupid people who have trouble coping with the real world.

  • Your employers are in business to make a profit. They make products or provide services to customers who pay them money. Their goal is to get paid more money than it costs them to provide those services.
  • Employees are hired because they may expand the scale of operation, provide management, apply skills or knowledge, or otherwise provide value to the company.
  • Employers do not exist so that you may have a job. You have a job as long as you provide more value to your employer than it costs to employ you.
  • They do not have to care about your personal issues.
  • If you behave in such a way that negatively affects your employer’s ability to make a profit, the consequences are pretty straightforward.
  • If you work at a job that requires no special skills or training (McEmployees working McJobs, if you will), don’t assume you are not replaceable.

Someday after you’ve busted your tail for years to achieve special training and knowledge, your experience has made you wiser, and your perspective has been geared to work from your employer’s point of view, you may be in a position where you are less easily replaced. Until then, I suggest you leave your antics at home, and take your advice from people who are not as stupid as these people leading all the protests.


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