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Liberals Coddle GRUESOME Murderer, Defend His Right To….Preferred Pronouns?!


In an idiotic attempt to keep all things politically correct leftists decided to help protect the rights of a murder! Last I thought, you didn’t need a high IQ to realize that murder is high up on the list of douchey things. At least in the top five… it’s right up there with the rape. Now, we have been scolded by the left for overlooking a critical component of a murder trial…conservatives failed to respect preferred gender pronouns. Yep, serious…

Gee, I feel sheepish, did you realize that this was such a huge no-no to the left?

Only in California would a disturbing murder case take a sharp LEFT turn into an unlikely battle over pronouns.

Recently, police arrested 22-year-old Berkeley student Pablo Gomez. He was charged for the stabbing by the prestigious university that ended one woman’s life, and another seriously injured. But was the local media who covered the story, concerned about attaining real facts? NO, of course not. However, they did learn that Gomez, a well-known campus activist, prefers “they/them” pronouns, which reporters began to use.

Oh, thank goodness. I mean I would think that for the ones conducting this murder investigation, the most important thing, on top of reading someone’s rights, is ensuring they’re feelings aren’t hurt. We wouldn’t want to emotionally hurt them, that could be too mean.
Platten told reporters:
“Gomez, specifically, chooses to identify as ‘they,’ and we believe that any person’s preferred pronoun should be honored, regardless of whether they are accused of committing a crime,”

“Using someone’s preferred gender pronoun is a basic courtesy, and the modern English vernacular has already adopted ‘they.’ It requires very little effort on behalf of a newspaper to adopt it as well.”

You know what else is a basic courtesy? Not killing someone. Oh sure, innocent until proven guilty applies here. I just wish the victim would be honored a bit more than the alleged perpetrator. What a wonderful world that would be. I bet it has snacks.

Gomez, who is awaiting charges, is charged with stabbing to death 27 year old Emilie Inman, a nature program and middle school science instructor. He’s also accused of the stabbing another woman who survived the attack.

Oh… a wrinkle. It appears there may be a witness. ‘They’ attempted to kill someone else and failed. But hey, let’s keep the gender pronouns in check.

Gomez’s case immediately grabbed the attention of the right-leaning media: In addition to using gender-nonconforming pronouns, the student was a Latinx/Chicanx major and an environmental activist.
He’s a liberal. Sorry, I meant “They” are a liberal. No. He. Him. Monster. Stabby McStabberson. Pointy McGrew. He Who Likes to Poke People to Death. I frankly prefer my names to “they.” Ten points to me for creativity.

Leave it to leftists to read about a murder case and see gender pronouns as the biggest issue. Here’s a guess…is it to distract from the suspect being a few shades too brown for their tastes? Possibly because he’s a granola-munching leftist himself… Better to deflect than to criticize one of their own, liberals always say. Too bad, all that deflecting in the world won’t change the fact that he/she/they/ze is a murdering dickbag.


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