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Liberal Sheriff REJECTS Trump’s Sanctuary Ban; American Mother Pays The Price By Illegal He Let In!


Where are liberals when there are actual Americans get brutally handled like this? How can they not see why fortifying our nation’s borders is smart, not racist?

Where are they and their protesting signs when Americans become victim to the heinous crimes that could have been prevented if we were a country of law and order?

This man, this illegal criminal, Juan Lopez is here because of them. He is a murderer, and he is a Mexican national who has already served a 20-year prison sentence for a 1987 homicide, then was deported. Deported just like ALL illegal criminal aliens should be.

However, he came back. He came back and made his new home in Austin, Texas… a town that has officially made it very clear that they are staying a ‘sanctuary city’ despite Trump’s call for SHUT DOWN!

Once there…his rampage of crime continued.

He had asked a woman he knew to drop him off at an unknown location, when he got into her car he immediately pulled a knife out on her, pressing it against her stomach.

Next, this douchebag threatened the poor woman with her life if she didn’t have sex with him. That is when she told him that she has her toddler in the car with them, to which he responded: “I don’t give a damn.”

Then he raped her. Juan Lopez, an illegal criminal who had no right being in America raped this poor Mother right in front of her child, who was old enough to understand what was happening to his Mother was not okay.

This monster is currently being held in the Travis County Sheriff’s Office Jail without bond, and he is going to be charged with aggravated sexual assault and kidnapping, as reported by The Daily Caller.

Immigration officials have already issued a detainer for Lopez and since he is in the country illegally they are telling Travis County to hold him.

The problem with this… is Travis County has stated in a policy that they do not honor ICE detainers. However, since this issue has hit the news, a work around has been found.

This disgusting monster is now considered a ‘high-level’ criminal, and because of that, Travis County can shove it up their pie-hole. They have to abide.

Since, Texas Governor, Greg Abbott has also shut down $1.8 million in criminal justice grants from going to Travis County.

Stay tuned…


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