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Jennifer Lopez Regrets Her Clueless Anti-Trump Grammys Speech BIG-TIME! [VIDEO]


You’ll be shocked to learn that Hollywood hates Donald Trump.  Really!  Not only do they hate President Trump, but they are also taking every possible opportunity to tell the world about it.  At least the very small slice of the world that cares about or watches trash like “the Grammys.”

Entertainer – and I use the word very loosely – after entertainer took the stage to rant about President Trump and his policies.  Especially the so-called “Muslim ban” that was based on the law that Barack Obama signed and it was a copy of the Executive Order Obama issued in 2011.  You’ll remember the Grammys that year when entertainers ranted about how Obama was a fascist for barring Muslims from the U.S.




You do remember that don’t you?  Oh…

I don’t know what we’d do without the morally superior folks who bring the world a daily diet of “music” that features lyrics that highlight words like “b*tch” and “f*ck.”  Or the folk who perform in their underwear and pretend (?) to masturbate on stage.  They add so much to our culture.  I especially love the guys who travel around in their personal jets to get lunch, own multiple 10,000+ sq.ft. houses, 100+ foot boats, and who constantly lecture the rest of us about “climate change” and how we have to reduce our carbon footprint, whatever that is.

Back at the Grammys, Jennifer Lopez took the microphone and proceeded to pronounce that the world “needs” to hear the voices of the entertainment industry even more than ever.  Let’s be clear, J-Lo is a “performer” who became famous because she had (emphasis on the word “had”) a great ass.  There’s no record that anybody has ever cared about anything she had to say (other than, maybe, “sure, I’ll do that”) about anything.

That goes for the rest of the entertainment industry.  Think about it.  They get a pass on homophobic rants and threatening the lives of homosexuals while they condemn conservatives for wanting to keep men out of women’s restrooms.

Thankfully, not everybody is willing to give these hypocritical idiots a pass.  Here’s Mark Dice kicking J-Lo’s currently fat a*s all over the lot.

Thanks Mark, America appreciates that.


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