James O’Keefe to “Destroy CNN” With New Undercover Videos: 100’s of Hours Worth!

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James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have opened the eyes of many Americans and made us aware of a lot of corruption that has been going on with the DNC and other organizations. There was the video of Scott Foval and the DNC inciting violence at Trump rallies. Then there was the video of the DNC bussing people into polling places and making us aware of the mass voter fraud. There was also a video on rigging elections and how Clinton was personally involved.

Now Project Veritas and James O’Keefe are ready to bring Americans more eye openers this time about CNN. The same CNN, that is often referred to as the ‘Clinton News Network’ or as President Trump recently told CNN reporter Jim Acosta, ‘the very fake news’ organization. If it’s anything like the past videos, I’m sure James O’Keefe won’t disappoint us. The juicy videos on CNN are set to be released on Thursday. It looks like there will be “holy hell” released on the #FakeNews Network!


H/T Liberty Unyielding:

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas is set to unleash holy hell Thursday on #FakeNews network CNN. Well, he didn’t exactly say it was CNN, but it was heavily implied. Apparently the network has a mole…

O’Keefe is known for undercover sting operations which have led to such bombshells as the DNC’s paid agitator network, the outing of “DisruptJ20” / Antifa organizers which took place at comet ping pong – and netted three arrests (including a suspected pedophile), and most recently New Hampshire election fraud.

Today O’Keefe was interviewed on Sean Hannity’s radio show where he revealed that a major network has been “stung”.

As Zero Hedge noted, the exchange went something like this:

O’Keefe: “In the next 48 hours, Project Veritas, like WikiLeaks, will be releasing hundreds of hours of tape from within the establishment media. Our next target is in fact the media.”

From Hannity: “How long have you been working on this?”

From O’Keefe: “We’ve had people on the inside come to us.

Just like Julian Assange has people come to him, we’ve had people, sources, come to us and give us information, and we’re going to be releasing it ‘WikiLeaks style’ this week.”

Hannity then asked for a hint about which media organizations would be impacted.

And O’Keefe’s response?

“It’s one that Trump has really been talking about, you can probably use your imagination,” he said, neither confirming nor denying when Hannity replied, “So, it’s CNN.”

So in other words, somewho who is a Trump supporter has been working inside the left-wing “very fake news” organization (CNN) to get behind the scenes information and/or videos. It should prove very interesting, considering James O’Keefe has not let us done yet.

Of course, if you’re like me, you are certainly not suprised to hear there’s anything on the Clinton News Network since they have had it in for Trump for at least the past year now. Something tells me, this is going to be juicy! So tune in for Thursday and Project Veritas! As Michael Buffer says…

Pull up your chairs Trump fans….it looks like things are going to get very interesting!







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