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Hollywood Sets Up System so You’ll Know What Movies Not to See? They’re Nuts.


UNBELIEVABLE! You’re gonna’ love THIS one!

It’s no surprise that most of the Hollywood liberals didn’t support Donald Trump for President.  In fact we’re all familiar with all the celebrities like Cher, Whoopi, Lena Dunham, Samuel L. Jackson and others, who vowed to MOVE out of the country once Trump was elected president, but strangely enough…they’re ALL still here.

Now, it looks like these Hollywood liberals and the William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WME-IMG), have a new way to raise money AND inform Americans at the same time what movies we should NOT support.

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H/T Variety:

WME-IMG is forming a national political action committee and planning on increasing its contact with office holders from both political parties, the agency’s co-CEOs told employees in an internal memo.

Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell said in the email on Tuesday that several initiatives are designed to help workers at the Beverly Hills-based company engage in the political process. The actions are in response to the election of Donald Trump, though the memo is careful not to take sides in any of the many controversies that have erupted during the president’s 19 days in office.

“No matter what side of the aisle you sit on or where you live in the world, the call for meaningful and sustained civic engagement is louder than ever,” begins the memo, delivered under the subject line “Influence.”

The email continues:

“In the coming weeks, you will hear more from us about:

• The formation of a federal political action committee (PAC) in the U.S.

• Convening internal and external forums with politicians and allied stakeholders

• Connecting our clients with elected officials

• Introducing company-wide matching policies to support donations of time and money

• Developing actionable public policy solutions

The email concludes: “This company’s greatest asset is the diversity of our backgrounds and beliefs. Please know that we will do everything in our power to support and protect this diversity now and in the months and years ahead.”

The email is from Emanuel and copied to his co-CEO, Whitesell, though the initials of both men appear at the end of the short message.

An insider said that lawyers are currently working out details of the political action committee, which might take on partners from outside of the agency. The financial commitment by WME will be “substantial” — with money to be contributed to causes and candidates that the agency’s employees agree to support. It was unclear how the agency will decide who and what to back, though the source said the calls will be directed by an array of employees, not just Emanuel and Whitesell.

Of course, this news comes after the report that the United Talent Agency cancelled it’s Oscar party. Yeah, they decided to hold a rally for refugees instead, after President Trump’s temporary ban on refugees coming to America from terrorist countries.

So, there you have it! Hollywood is going to make it real easy for all of us to know which movies to see or not. If these liberal nutjobs think that the viewers will go fund their movies AND give them money to support THEIR liberal agendas, they are in for a BIG surprise.

Hey Hollywood liberals, I just want to say, Good luck with your rally! Maybe you can recycle those pink pu**y hats afterall.

And for those of you who missed your flight….



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