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Hillary and Obama’s “Shadow Government” Being Shown the Door [VIDEO]


The “shadow government” – the bureaucrats who run the government – are in a fit of panic because it looks like Donald Trump is going to drain the swamp.  One of the biggest swabs in Washington is that Foggy Bottom, otherwise known as the U.S. Department of State.  The former home of John Kerry and Hillary Clinton is staffed with the largest group of far left people in government.  John Bolton, who Democrats blocked from the Secretary of State’s position during the Bush administration, once said that the department would run better if five floors were removed from the building.  It looks like Rex Tillerson may be taking Bolton’s advice.

Democratic operatives in the media and Democrats at the Department of State can be expected to be in high whine mode for at least the next four years.

In a Speech Last Week Donald Trump laid out what he’s facing in about 25 words.  “The Middle East is a disaster… Will take care of it folks; we’re going to take care of it all.  I just want let you know; I inherited a mess.”  That mess can be laid squarely at the feet of Barack Obama, and his two disastrous picks who served as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and the traitor John Kerry.

Leftover officials at the State Department had a fit when no State Department official was included in the White House meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  They pointed out that Jared Kushner, Trump son-in-law, had a greater role in the meeting and anyone at the State Department.  It’s apparently beyond the comprehension of Democrats in the media and the State Department that they’ve spent the last eight years doing everything possible to destroy our relationship with Israel – and to destroy Israel – and that they shouldn’t have a seat at the table.

One of the prime objectives of the Trump administration in their first months needs to be rooting out leftover Obama officials and getting them out of Washington.  They spent the last eight years working diligently to destroy our relationships abroad and especially to destroy relationships with our allies.

Tom Countryman, a fired Obama State Department official, got a warm reception from CBS News when he needed a platform to whine about the clearly anti-American element being fired from the State Department.  The gist of his comment was that with staff reductions at State and trumps apparent attempt to go around the State Department, “no one will be in place to challenge the edicts drawn up in the oval office.”

Mr. Countryman might still have his job had he challenged the edicts being drawn up in the Oval Office for the past eight years.  The world is a significantly more dangerous place that was the day Barack Obama took office and Democrats in the State Department are largely responsible for that.

It was Hillary Clinton’s State Department and John Kerry’s State Department that thought up the disasters of “smart diplomacy” that gave us the Russian reset that empowered Vladimir Putin to begin to rebuild the Soviet Union.  It was that same smart diplomacy that completely destabilized the Middle East by turning our backs on longtime allies like Egypt and Israel and refusing to negotiate a status of forces agreement with the government of Iraq.  And then there were the negotiations with Iran.

One quick look at the history of the State Department over the last eight years will give you everything you need to know about why Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson don’t need to take an ax to Foggy Bottom; they need a chainsaw and a flamethrower.

Making America Great Again, one cabinet department at a time.


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