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HE STRIKES AGAIN! This Time O’KEEFE Is Going Straight For CNN’s Jugular! [VIDEO]


This is why we love this man. He has done it again! James O’Keefe has made a name for himself in conservative circles for his talent of investigative reporting…he’s brilliant.

He has assisted in exposing voter fraud, collusion between the Democrat Party and the media, and several other investigative stories that have broke that truly impact ALL Americans.

If you haven’t seen them… you really ought to.

When he set his sight on a new target to expose, you can best believe he is going to come back and bring us all we need to know. This time, he has his sight set on the mainstream media.

James O’Keefe just put CNN ON NOTICE…and it’s not going to get any better for them. It never does for crooked people.

He just released 100 hours…. ONE HUNDRED HOURS of audio of CNN employees that was surreptitiously recorded in 2009 and provided given to his organization from an anonymous source.

O’Keefe say that he has not touched the audio and has done zero editing of it and is calling on the public to do just that. Sift through the audio collected to find all the controversial pieces within it.

He has it posted up on his Project Veritas website, and the unknown I’m sure is making CNN sweat…

Here is is latest video, he promised us right after Trump got elected that he was going to go after the media, and that is exactly what he did. Now he’s here to present to us his findings…

You’re not going to regret watching this. CNN is about to get handled.


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