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HAH! Travel Ban Protesters Asked To House Refugees In Support- WATCH HOW THEY RESPONDED! [Video]


SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Who didn’t see this coming from a friggin’ MILE away!? Video prankster, Joey Salads (watch his stuff, it’s good) decided he wanted to find out exactly how the anti-Trump, anti-travel ban protesters would respond if they were asked to take in some refugees to house and feed into their own places…

So he decided to go to LAX International Airport, and there he posed as a leftist by putting on his hipster glasses, ‘Feel the Bern’ t-shirt and went to work.

He approached each protester and asked them for donations, or help with housing for the refugees…and as expected each one of them had a grand excuse as to why they couldn’t shelter or feed any of the refugees.

Interesting right? They don’t have the means to house or feed them or make any donations but they want them coming into America to have the government do it?

You’ll see as he asks each one, they all have elaborate excuses as to why they can’t help out. Everything from “I live with a Trump supporter” to I have no space” to even “I live with a woman and she wouldn’t feel comfortable” Are you freaking kidding me? Where are all the feminists when you actually want them to be over sensitive and offended?

The question is why not? Why wouldn’t a female room feel comfortable… Why wouldn’t she want to take in a man that she didn’t know from a country known for terrorism without any adequate vetting? Hmmm?

Sorry anti-Trump liberal sir, but it sounds like your girlfriend is being Islamophobic… a term that came into existence because of your kind, who made it a thing.

What a bunch of fools…


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