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FED UP With McCain’s DISRESPECT, This Navy Seal Opens Can Of WHOOP On Him- On LIVE T.V.


Soon after President Donald Trump stepped into the White House, he sent a greenlight out for a raid on an al-Qaeda base in Yemen. The raid itself had been planned under the Obama administration but was postponed in wait for a dark night for the operation. That dark night happened to come after the inauguration of our President Trump.

During the raid, there were several civilians that were killed and a Navy SEAL. He was Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens and he was killed when the plane he was in crashed.

IMMEDIATELY the media started to attack President Trump over the raid, and they all were claiming that it was an operation that failed in disaster because of the losses we took.

Senator John McCain was one of the first to jump onto that bandwagon of douchgebags, in full attack mode.

Though the mission was touted as being largely a success despite the losses, Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain instead decried the mission as a “failure,” earning a sharp rebuke from both Trump and White House press secretary Sean Spicer, among others.

In an appearance on CNN, former Navy Seal Carl Higbie rebuked McCain, saying the loses, though unfortunate, didn’t negate the success of the mission.

During McCain’s appearance, Higbie did reference MCCain’s crashes when he was in the service himself.

“I think John McCain does owe an apology to the Owens family,” Higbie stated. “I think it was dishonorable of him, too… He called it an unsuccessful mission because of a plane crash? This is a guy who crashed an enormous amount of planes during training. Look, these things happen, and it’s not an unsuccessful mission just simply because John McCain doesn’t like Trump.”

This prompted a frenzy on social media from daughter, Meghan McCAin, who claimed that Higbie had called her father’s service “dishonorable”

She says…

“.@CarlHigbie please say that on television next time after you question his record for crashing a plane before being taken into a POW camp,” McCain shot back.

But what his daughter of McCain did not comprehend correctly was that Higbie did no call McCain service time dishonorable, but what McCain SAID about the crash and the deaths somehow made the mission a failure. It was not.

All Meghan McCain did was make Higbie’s point… that a crash is not the deciding factor of whether or not a mission is a success or a career. However, as Higbie pointed out, it is horrid how anyone would attack the mission and therefore the sacrifice of Owens…what does that tell the family?

It tells them that their Son died in vain, when he didn’t. It tells them that their Son died in a failed mission, it was not. McCain dishonored Owens, and his family. Plain and simple.

Higbie is only pointing out that Owens and his family are owed a lot more than what McCain brought to the table, especially from someone who should know better as McCain should.

Do you agree?


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