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FBI Doing THIS With Michael Flynn!


Lt. General Michael Flynn announced this week he would be stepping down as National Security Advisor. This was a decision that stirred a lot of controversy. It came shortly after reports he had contact prior to his nomination with Russian officials. Now the public is in outcry saying that there needs to be an investigation into his potential ties. But don’t take a breath too quickly!

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation is not expected to press charges against him for his phone calls with a Russian ambassador. Officials told CNN this will remain the case unless and when new information comes to light.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the President asked for his resignation because the trust had broken down. An official revealed that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak had spoken of President Obama’s sanctions on the former Soviet Union among other things.

Officials have reported the FBI believed Flynn was being truthful when they questioned him. When originally asked Flynn had said they had not discussed sanctions, but when they challenged him further, he said he did not remember. He did cooperate fully with the investigation.

Any investigation in the House of Representatives would take place through the House Government Oversight Committee. No such investigation has taken place. However, anonymous officials indicate the committee is reviewing its options and would pursue them if they deemed it necessary.

Liberals will not take kindly to this news. Democrats have been huffing and puffing for several months about the FBI, calling them corrupt for releasing a statement in the final weeks prior to the presidential election about their reopening of their criminal investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Now they are chomping at the bit for payback and this is the perfect opportunity to get it without looking back.


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