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FAMED Actor Jumps on Stage, CRASHES Hollywood Awards Show After They Trash Trump


There is little to no doubt that the awards shows this season have been so far pretty marked up with protest and disgusting pompous speeches from none other than, all our lovely not so lovely liberal celebrities.

Now mind you…there are many actual conservative celebrities in Hollywood, it is just that many of them are closet conservatives…sad but true. However there is a good handful of them that aren’t in the closet about it….and one of them, just so happens to be James Woods. He is one of the more well known conservatives in Hollywood who has no fear and no shame in telling it how it is…and we love him for it too.

He is one of the only people in Hollywood to speak out in support of Donald Trump. At an awards show just this past Monday, Patton Oswalt was giving his opening monologue and every second was spent trashing Trump…then when James Woods interrupted him and jumped on stage, the whole room went silent for a bit.

Then Oswalt made the mistake of calling out Woods, saying, “I don’t want to be kicked to death by James Woods backstage. Which would be an honor by the way. That guy is amazing.”

So Woods came right up onstage. “Buy a pair of shoes!” he yelled from the front row, and then marched up to Oswalt, and took one of his shoes. “What are these f*cking shoes? This is an awards show!” he said, jokingly brandishing Oswalt’s sneakers. “By the way, I lost half of my Twitter following today coming here.” Oswalt fired right back, saying, “Wow, all those egg avatars gone? That’s terrible!”

Later, on Twitter, both men continued, insisting that what happened was spontaneous and not staged at all.


It was a playful debate, refreshing really to see someone step up and put a stop to the Trump-bashing that has been one of Hollywood’s most undignified but favorite pass time activity lately.

No thank you to celebrity proselytizing during an evening that is suppose to be entertaining.

Silly celebrities…


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