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Ex-Fox News Anchor Just ATTACKED The President! Listen Here!


At a recent press conference the President landed himself in hot water with the press and the country when he said the media is the “enemy of the people”. Ever since then nobody has been able to stop talking about it. People like Senator McCain of Arizona have come out and castigated him for saying such things. Now a famous Ex-Fox News anchor is in attack mode because of his comments too.

It is none other than MSNBC’s Greta Van Susteren. She addressed the President today during a segment on her show and argued that the war between the White House and the media had gotten dangerously out of control. Due to its inflammatory nature she called for a détente.

Susteren insisted that journalists and reporters have a responsibility to be accurate and truthful in their work. She said,

“We should forever be doing a vigorous self-examination of how we do our jobs, because getting it wrong or exaggerating just is not an option.”

But she also maintained that the President dually has a responsibility to be truthful and accurate when he speaks to the American public on such a national stage. One of those important responsibilities is to not generalize the media as a whole. She said,

“Mr. President, back off. You likewise need to do a self-examination. You need to get it right too.”

Susteren referenced the President’s infamous tweets and labeled them reckless which could have serious repercussions. She called him out for what she called revving up a,

“loyal base with incorrect, generalized, and wide-sweeping inflammatory statements about the entire media.”

Even conservative talk show hosts, journalists, and reporters have called out the President for his comments. Chris Wallace of Fox News denounced his statements as did Shep Smith. It appears there are certain issues that are not divided by party lines and they are not afraid to speak their mind about it.


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