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EPA Staff is Terrified: And They Should Be [VIDEO]


Donald Trump’s pick to head the EPA, Scott Pruitt, cleared the hurdles that had been thrown up by Democrats to block his nomination and will be moving into his new office shortly.  Employees at the EPA are in a panic because they think many or most of them will be moving out of their offices and onto the unemployment line.  EPA staffers mounted an unprecedented war against the man who was destined to head their agency; they set up phone banks of agency employees to call Senators urging them to vote against Pruitt.  That effort was doomed to fail from the start, and thankfully it did.

Pruitt may be one of the most contentious nominations made by Trump.  As Attorney General of the state of Oklahoma Pruitt has sued the EPA to block implementation of many of their guidelines and is viewed as someone who would happily shut the agency down.

An EPA attorney, who just happens to head a government union in Chicago, said, “it seems like Trump and Pruitt want a complete reversal of what the EPA has done.  I don’t know if there are any other agencies that have been so reviled.  So it’s in our interests to do this.”

Under Barack Obama, the Environmental Protection Agency has been turned into a home for climate change cultists who view their purpose in life is shutting down Western civilization as we know it.  The current staff at the EPA has never met an oil well, a gas well, or a coal mine they didn’t want to shut down.  Their goal in life has been to make Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign promise to make electricity rates skyrocket a reality.

Scott Pruitt is gonna put a stop to that, and they know it.  They’re terrified that not only will they lose their jobs, but their religion of climate change is going to be showed up for the cult that it is.

Even without Scott Pruitt at the head of the EPA the Congress took action last week to block implementation of rules that had been in the works for almost a full eight years of the Obama administration and that were put into place just before former President Obama took office.  One of the top priorities of the Obama administration and the EPA has been to destroy the coal mining industry, and Donald Trump took a small step to stop that.

The Obama rule in question is one of the most controversial environmental regulations put forward by his EPA.  The coal mining industry said would be costly to implement and lead to job losses across the sector, already suffering from the market-driven downturn in demand for its product and previous EPA regulations aimed at killing coal.

When he signed the legislation, Trump said the regulation in question was “another terrible job-killing rule and ending it would save any thousands of American jobs, especially in the mines, which, I have promised you – the mines are a big deal.

This is a major threat to your jobs, and we’re going to get rid of this threat.  We’re going to fight for you.”

Here’s President Trump after he signed this legislation and wait for the special surprise at the end of the video.

That sound you hear is the Democratic Party’s base of support being dismantled.


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