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Donald Trump Rigged the Grammys. It Was Racism! [VIDEO]


Is there anything that Donald Trump can’t do?  First, he beats Hillary Clinton.  Now, he’s rigging the Grammys!  It was the Russians, I’m sure of it; it had to be.

Full disclosure, I didn’t watch the Grammys.  I’ve never watched the Grammys, and if I live to be 100,000 years old, I never will watch the Grammys.

Apparently the big flap this year is that somebody named Beyoncé lost out to somebody named Adele for Album of the Year.  I really don’t have any comments on the merits of that award because I’ve never heard either one of those people do whatever it is they do to make zillions of dollars.  Frankly, I don’t care either.

Apparently a whole bunch of people do care and they have their collective panties in a wad that somebody named Adele beat out somebody named Beyoncé.  I guess because the Adele person is white and the Beyoncé person is something else and that makes the award “racist.”  Or something.

Twitter erupted.

4 Grammys 1

Rolling Stone magazine had some theories about why the award was so racist.

1. Grammy voters are white. And male …

Perhaps not coincidentally, Beyoncé chose the Year of Trump to make her most explicit statement on African-American pride, particularly in “Formation,” in which she sings: “I like my Negro nose with Jackson 5 nostrils.” Numerous Republicans hated her fantastic Super Bowl performance of the song last year – one congressman called Beyoncé “pro-Black Panther and anti-cop.” Although record-industry folks tend to be more liberal than the population at large, they’re still heavily white and male. People of color are traditionally better represented in the Grammys than in the Academy Awards – Chance the Rapper did win Best New Artist last night – but it’s not hard to envision a campaign similar to #OscarsSoWhite.

And if that’s not enough, how about this?

… and 2. old.

One Grammy voter had predicted to Rolling Stone that the not-quite-cutting-edge nature of the electorate could favor Adele over Beyoncé. “Beyoncé should win because her song was more culturally significant and more innovative. Adele – we feel like we’ve seen that show before,” the voter said. “But I would not underestimate the average age of Grammy voters, and the chance that the sort of ‘elder median age’ could put Adele in.” The Grammys have a post-nominations panel designed to avoid embarrassing gaffes, like Jethro Tull’s defeat of Metallica in the Infamous Hard Rock Upset of 1988. But giving an Album of the Year award to Adele? Seems safely in the “not a gaffe” category.

Now then, the real question is, does anybody actually care about any of this crap?  Frankly, I care about the Grammys just about as much as I care about the National Football League.  You can draw your own conclusions on that.

Just to put all of this stuff in perspective, here’s Mark Dice…

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