Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions – Making Bathrooms Safe Again [VIDEO]

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On the second day in office Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions is moving to make America’s bathrooms safe again for women and children.

The Obama administration was on a crusade to allow anyone to use any bathroom in the name of “civil rights.”  It looks like that lunacy has come to an end.

The Justice Department filed a new motion in the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last Friday requesting a delay in a hearing on the Obama administration’s guidance about bathroom and shower use in public schools.  Obama instructed public school districts across the nation to allow transgender students to choose bathrooms and shower stalls consistent with their “gender identity,” in a clear rebuke of science.

The motion filed by Session’s Justice Department indicates they are “currently considering how best to proceed with this appeal.”

It’s safe to assume that President Obama’s desire to ignore settled science on the matter of biology has come to an end.  Needless to say, transgender supporters are in mourning.

“Our concern is that it’s a very clear signal that at a minimum the Department of Justice — and possibly more broadly throughout the Trump administration — will not protect transgender students.”

We can only hope.  If these people were really concerned about “transgender students” they would be seeking psychiatric help for them.  Transgenderism is a recognized disorder called “gender dysphoria” and is treatable.

Legal experts have weighed in on this battle and one public interest law professor from George Washington University law school makes the point that any rights or safety concerns of students suffering from gender dysphoria must be balanced against the rights and safety concerns of everyone else who use public restrooms.

“The concerns about assault that are raised not primarily about transgender males, but rather about traditional males who would have a legal defense if found within a female restroom.”


In plain English that means that Barack Obama and the Democrats have no issues with giving pedophiles or those intent on committing sex crimes free reign in lady’s rooms.  Target stores found out how the American people felt about that when they sided with Obama and the Democrats, Americans spoke out, Target’s same store sales are down and their stock still hasn’t recovered.

Making America Great Again, restoring sanity to America one bathroom at a time.

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