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VOTD: Dog has Hilarious Reaction To Girl’s Flute Practice


He really doesn’t seem to like it. Or he just wants to sing to it…

The dog’s reaction when he hears the girl playing the flute is absolutely hilarious! Hey, I’m trying to get some sleep around here! And seriously? That song again?!? :)))

Typically, we want for our home to be dreamily systematized and kept the way we like it. Well my friend, when having a dog home, you absolutely need to learn being tolerable with having some dog hair and lot of chaos on every corner of the house and obviously here you cannot escape from unwanted comments  just for the sake of enjoying the love and pleasure of having this lovely animal around you and your family. Assuredly, this experience will increase your adoptability sense even for other new events in life!

We do not verbally communicate with dogs, therefore the only language we both understand is body language by sensing each other’s reactions to specific situations. To do this, we as humans – that are led mainly by reason – need to absolutely get inside dog’s world and use certain amount of natural drive, imagination and creativity in order to be able interpreting what the dog is trying to tell us. Dogs, equally, inspire us to become tolerant, trustful, loyal, caring, simple, and us – making us enjoy the life more and become less icy.  Modern life tells us to be less in need of each other, and this is why we often end up not speaking a real conversation with anyone for days. On the other hand, we have dogs that are thrilled of being playing with us and listen of what we want to tell – something that absolutely avoids the sense of aloneness.

One lesson here is that whatever happens to you or whatever you do, even if it is the most awful thing, dogs are there with you not being judgmental or asking anything about that at all.

This dog is a symbol for every parent whose child plays an instrument! LOL!


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