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Doctor Forcibly ‘Euthanized’ Elderly Patient, Then It ACTUALLY Gets Worse…


Leftists are quick to say that an argument is invalidated when comparing policies with a slippery slope. Because…duh, their granola-snacking, ex-hippie college English professor told them so.

Anytime you mention the long-term consequences of a law, they throw the flag out on the field and you’re smacked with the classic “fallacy of argument” penalty.

Case in point: the argument over euthanasia. In some countries, it’s perfectly legal to lethally inject sick and elderly people, as long as the patient “follows” along with it. Critics have long worried that this law would lead to people being euthanized, consent optional. Ahh, there’s that slop…200w (1) That nightmare has finally come true, in the Netherlands…

A Dutch woman doctor drugged her elderly patient and then asked her family to hold her down as she fought desperately not to be killed! But, according to medical experts, who cited the country’s euthanasia legislation, she did not break the law.

All this crap-bag doctor had to do was slip a soporific in her coffee to calm her, and then had started to give her a lethal injection.

To the doctor’s surprise, during the woman’s injection, she woke up and fought the doctor. The paperwork stated that the only way the doctor could complete the injection was by getting family members to help restrain her.

It also revealed that the patient said several times ‘I don’t want to die’ in the days before she was put to death and that the doctor had not spoken to her about what was planned because she did not want to cause unnecessary extra distress. She also did not tell her about what was in her coffee as it was also likely to cause further disruptions to the planned euthanasia process.

Okay. Let’s pause and take a breath. Since this woman who was murdered no longer can.

What you just read really happened. This was not a script for a dystopian thriller. This wasn’t the lead into a Steven King novel meant to suck you into the rest of the book only to pee your pants in horror. Invest in Depends.

An elderly woman was murdered. Against her will. By a doctor. Her family held her down. This wasn’t voluntary. This account proves the point of anyone who’s said, “legalized suicide will lead to involuntary euthanasia.” Sadly the point was proven at the cost of a woman’s life.

If you’re a leftist and at any point, you make an excuse for why the account you just read is permissible for any reason at all, you are a monster. You’re sick. You’re demented. You have no compassion at all. You’ve made Satan proud.


Creepy, it appears that the evil left is obsessed with death. Many of their policies are perfectly fine with butchering babies or knocking off sickly old people. Apparently, the only lives leftists worry about saving are convicted murderers on death row.

Probably because criminals almost always vote Democrat. Progressives think sticking up for the unborn or the elderly is HILARIOUS. But, hey we need to draw the line at sparing Charlie Manson from the gas chamber, that’s a moral imperative. Then, there are those mean stingy conservatives, who don’t want to give deadbeats free stuff, ugh right wingers are so “inhumane and lack compassion.”


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