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President Trump decided that it would be a good idea to hold off a few months on letting refugees from 7 nations full of people who hate us into America and the left has gone crazy.

Trump wants to be sure our vetting process is the best it can be before going forward, doing basically the same thing most of our recent Presidents have done many times in the past.

Liberals want open borders. They want to let anyone in, at anytime, yet they lock the doors to their own homes and set their alarms…no?

President Trump decided that it would be a good idea to hold off a few months on letting refugees from 7 nations full of people who hate us and the left has gone crazy.

David Kupelian, VP of and bestselling author. “The Snapping of the American Mind” weighs in with an excellent piece explaining why Democrats LOVE SUICIDAL IMMIGRATION POLICIES:

In “The Snapping of the American Mind,” I comprehensively prosecute the case that not only is what we call “the left” irrational and basically insane, but it is also driving millions of Americans right over the edge – into extreme anger, faux victimhood, violence, depression, debauchery, addiction, despair and suicide.

The recent hysterical overreaction to President Trump’s executive order temporarily restricting travel from countries known to be terrorist hotbeds illustrates the madness currently consuming many Americans.

First, a reality check: Of all the destructive trends gripping America in recent decades – from ever-expanding government funded by unrepayable debt, to a godless culture glorifying sexual anarchy, to universities morphing into far-left brainwashing centers – none is more disastrous, indeed suicidal, than the way America has been dealing with immigration.

That’s why Donald Trump – echoing Ronald Reagan, who said, “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation” – made immigration, both legal and illegal, his signature issue.

Read the rest of David Kupelian‘s article here.

It really is that simple. EVERY nation has borders and that is what defines them as a nation! So why do Democrats not get it? Kupelian goes on:

For liberal-left Christians, the impulse toward unlimited embrace of migrants springs from a naïve notion that their Christian faith requires them to come to the aid of “the stranger” and the needy in all circumstances, leaving them somehow oblivious to the cataclysmic real-world consequences that have resulted from following this same policy in Europe.

Often, beneath this altruistic veneer lies another more troubling dynamic: In this era of suffocating and intimidating political correctness, many people feel compelled to “welcome” immigrants from terror hotbeds like Somalia or Sudan to prove they’re not racist, bigoted or “Islamophobic.”

Read the rest of David Kupelian‘s article here.

BINGO! Democrats want to sanitize the world of all its problems, or should I say, they want to force everyone else to sanitize the world of all its problems.

But do you see them taking anyone into their own home? NOOOOO!!

By being politically correct, Democrats don’t have to! They get to stand up and look like they are helping, and not have to do anything!

Read the rest of David Kupelian‘s article here. It is excellent!

Instead of demanding that we destroy our country saving the world, I wish Democrats would get up off their butts and do something personally productive. Like this 91 year old man…

If he can…anyone can!


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