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Cruz Pulls Out A Map During Debate With Sanders, Uses It To DESTROY Obamacare – Crowd Goes WILD!! [Video]


During his much anticipated debate with Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Ted Cruz pulled out a surprise map, to make a point about the problems we have facing Obamacare.

Ted Cruz made the argument that in 70 percent of counties in America, the consumers have an actual choice of one or two health insurance plans on the Obamacare exchanges.

“It’s interesting, you look at this map, this also very much looks like the electoral map that elected Donald Trump,” Cruz said, holding up the map of the counties.

“It’s really quite striking that the communities that have been hammered by this disaster of a law said, ‘Enough already.’”


Cruz also went on to argue that free market competition is much needed in a country such as ours with the health insurance industry…and that couldn’t be more true. Further stating that the wait times and rationing of care will always result when government is in the control of the nation’s health care system.

I’m sorry, but Obamacare SUCKS, and if the House and the Senate were forced to use Obamacare… we would NOT have Obamacare. It would be quickly abolished.


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