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Crowd Goes WILD At What Pence Was Doing During Gaga’s Halftime Show!


WOW! What a game right? People were walking out of the stands when it looked like the Patriots were about to lose in a blow out! Truly an amazing game and even more amazing come back.


However, even with that EPIC last quarter into overtime… it still does not surpass the awesomeness of what PENCE did. It is the ultimate reason to give a round of applause…

Not Gaga’s surprisingly good halftime show, not Tom Brady and his footballer perfection, not even patriotic pre-shows that were for the most part something to be proud of.

What really took the cake is what Pence did…and did silently as to not get attention for it.

To bad Mr. Vice President… credit is owed.

Vice President Pence and his wife sent an invite to Marine Staff Sgt. Anthony Mannino, Jr. who was wounded in Iraq in 2008. Along with Army Staff Sgt. Frederick Manning, who was wounded in Afghanistan in just the past year.

Vice President Pence wanted to show appreciation to veterans and thought even if it was just a ‘small token of the gratitude of the people of the country’ it was still worth it.

Get this, the group even got to fly to Houston for the game on Air Force 2. The veterans, and their own invited guests.

Vice Prez also knew that if they were going to be in Texas, they better eat some of the local BBQ… BONUS!

Sgt Mannino, had his wife with him as his guest, whereas Sgt. Manning decided to invite along Army Sgt. First Class Charles Stanley, who was his nurse from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

During the half-time show stadium cameras were on them as they enjoyed the show. The very half-time show that shocked many Americans…into thinking, maybe.. just maybe Gaga isn’t as crazy as her other Hollywood friends…

You know, like lunatic Madonna, Beyonce who may have gone completely mad…we think, after seeing her recent baby bump photoshoot (what the hell?), or Katie Perry who likes to take her clothes off to get votes for her candidate…because you know, classy. All of which have performed at past super bowls and didn’t quite live up to the hype. Or just flat out insulted America with their ‘stupid’ ….

Game results did have one of Pence’s guests a little Sgt Manning was rooting for the Falcons to win last night.

But…really, they rode with the Vice President in Air Force 2, ate Texan BBQ and attended one the most suspenseful games in the history of super bowls.

I don’t think he was all that disappointed…


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