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Constitutional Carry Overwhelmingly Passes In New Hampshire!


New Hampshire just overwhelmingly passed a bill repealing the requirement for a concealed carry permit and Constitutional Carry was approved with overwhelming numbers.

The State House of Representatives voted 200-97 in favor of the measure and last month the New Hampshire State Senate, in a 13-10 party line vote, passed the bill.

Republican Gov. Chris Sununu has repeatedly said he’ll sign the Constitutional Carry bill into law.

Two years in the making, getting to a Constitutional Carry win was not easy.

Constitutional Carry New Hampshire just overwhelmingly passed a bill repealing the requirement for a concealed carry permit and it was approved with overwhelming numbers.

The GranitGrok reports:

Today, despite the snowstorm, the New Hampshire House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 12, aka “Constitutional Carry.” The vote was 200-97 with several Democrats voting for the bill and only two Republicans voting against it. The bill will now go to Governor Sununu’s desk where he has already said he will sign it into law.

The effort to pass this bill has taken over two years. The exact same bill was passed two times previously by the full legislature only to be vetoed by former Governor Maggie Hassan. The new law ends almost 100 years of state-sanctioned discrimination against law-abiding citizens of New Hampshire.

After passing the bill twice, Democrats tried to claim the bill was being “fast tracked” through the legislature. They seemed to have complete memory losses over the previous times it was passed and all the hearings and testimony that was given over and over again. Democrats then tried to claim the law was working and shouldn’t be changed. Essentially, Democrats admit they supported the racist and discriminatory roots of the law and supported their own constituents getting abused in 2017.

When will the left learn? The Founding Fathers understood some basic concepts that have withstood the test of time throughout history. Man has the incoherent right to protect himself and his family. Criminals do not obey laws. You cannot sanitize the world of its problems.

It really is simple. Two buildings and two signs. One says, “No Guns Allowed” and the other says, “We’re packin'”.

Which building will a thug decide to enter for nefarious purposes.

If it worked, why don’t we put: “No Robberies Allowed” signs on the front door of our banks?

When a thug walks into a building and sees that they are not the only ones armed, they will walk right back out the door.

The biggest word in the 2nd Amendment is the word, “Infringed” – act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on.

The fringe of the carpet is the very edges. Our right to bear arms is not supposed to be messed with in any way. It will always work better that way!

Texas and Alabama, you are next for Constitutional Carry!



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