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Conservatives Keep Meetings Secret, Fear For Their Safety



SAN FRANCISCO, home to some of the worst American’s in the United States. Some East Bay conservatives say they live a secret double life. They can’t utter a peep, to their peers or anyone else around them, about what they truly feel like, or they’ll fear for their own and their families safety.

Robert Ward has officially come out, not that he is gay either, but that he is a Republican surrounded by violent angry left-wingers. Ward says he lives in a place that is way too risky for those who share his beliefs.

“If you witness what happened in Berkeley, actually they are so violent on top of it. I mean being a conservative in the Bay Area is like being a heretic,” Ward stated. “You lead a double life. You can never tell your friends and co-workers.”

Robert let it slip that several Bay Area conservatives have secret meet ups like the one KPIX 5 was invited to visit in the East Bay.

Organizers chose not to disclose their location or the faces of anyone who attended. They insist this is the way it has to be in a liberal state.

Ward also mentioned: “They seem to pride themselves on being diverse, and they are diverse about everything but their ideology,” chotyiwuyaa8hlf-900x450

He goes on to say:

“I hope that in the future when people see Trump isn’t as scary as they think he is and a lot of the good things that happen and the prosperity comes back and the jobs come back, everyone calms down a little bit.”


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