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Chris Wallace: “Chaos? Heck No!…”This Was Trump Saying “I’m in charge!”


Last week, as Judge Jeanine said, Donald Trump must have woke up and said, “‘I’ve had it with this fake news hogwash. I’ve had it with my people spending time going out there and trying to rebut what they’re saying. I’m gonna go out there myself, I’m gonna talk to the people.‘” And who better to set the record straight, than President Donald Trump, himself, right?

Of course, shortly thereafter, we heard a few other reporters and anchors speak up for President Trump as well. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace said that Trump’s press conference was President Trump basically saying to the DC Establishment and career politicians in Washington, “I’m in charge.”

Here’s Chris Wallace being interviewed by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly:

H/T The Hill:

Wallace, the host of “Fox News Sunday,” also said in an interview on “The O’Reilly Factor” that Trump’s actions as president will make his combative demeanor in such settings irrelevant when it comes to his reelection prospects.

“This was a president saying, ‘I’m in charge. I know what I’m doing. I’m not going to bend to Washington. Washington’s going to have to get used to me,’ ” Wallace told host Bill O’Reilly on Thursday evening.

“Overall, I thought that he was in control,” Wallace said. “And he seized control of the narrative and said, ‘Chaos? Heck no. It’s running like a fine-tuned machine.’ “

Wallace went on to say:

If he improves the economy, if he gets tax reform through, if he gets ObamaCare repealed and an effective [replacement]through, then it’s not going to matter,” Wallace said.

And conversely, if he doesn’t get that stuff through and people’s lives don’t change, then he could have all the positive press in the world and it isn’t going to matter.

Chris Wallace is right!

The American people elected Donald Trump for president, because he campaigned on substance. He told the American voters everything he planned to do if he was elected like nominate a conservative judge to the Supreme Court (Judge Neil Gorsuch), repeal and replace Obamacare, reduce regulations to help businesses create more jobs, among other important issues.  President Trump is doing EXACTLY what he said he would do!

For crying out loud, it’s been barely two months since President Trump’s been in office. He’s already accomplished more in the last two months than Obama did over 8 years. The Democrats and the MSM are ticked! I mean what kind of a politician ACTUALLY carries through on his promises, especially those that are CAREER politicians?  Not too many.

So, how about we all just take a deep breath and let President Trump DO HIS JOB! As Chris Wallace said,Trump’s in charge now! Deal with it!

Besides by the looks of Trump’s recent croud at a rally in Melbourne, Florida, many Americans disagree with the MSM.





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