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Chelsea Clinton Handed DEVASTATING NEWS After Bad-Mouthing Trump!


It’s been a few months since Hillary Clinton’s loss in the presidential election, but the left still wants you to believe that there is nationwide chaos and disruption over Trump’s election. Well, it is their narrative and Soros’ funded groups – so they can do whatever they want, but it’s not reality.

Speaking of reality, I guess Chelsea Clinton still believes she’s the 70’s EF Hutton “when EF Hutton talks…people listen”. When it reality, it’s more like Chelsea Clinton…Who gives a …..! That same Chelsea Clinton who believes “facts matter” and “research matters”, who’s mother lied about Benghazi, now must think she’s THE Twitter voice when it comes to the REAL anti-Trump movement.


H/T I Have The Truth:

Chelsea Clinton’s pathetic attempt to bad mouth Donald Trump on Twitter Wednesday has backfired in a big way.

After the president delivered a speech to kick off Black History Month which went over well with most everyone – even those from across party lines – Chelsea was seething.

 In all of her ill-founded outrage, she decided to respond by tweeting a transcript of Trump’s remarks, along with the confusing caption, “This is… This is…”

Chelsea Clinton Retweeted Daniel Dale


MRC Blog reported:

 Clearly, Chelsea didn’t have the guts to actually say what she didn’t like about the speech, as even she knows she’s no match for Trump. However, patriots still fired back on Twitter to let Chelsea know that nobody cares what she thought of the speech, or what she thinks about anything for that matter.


You are…part of a disposable family who’s prospered off of ill gotten gains Go away silently Nobody cares.

spit it out, horse teeth

accusing someone of putting out ? That’s rich.

Chelsea Clinton is trying to remain relevant (was she ever relevant?). Desperation

When Chelsea is not attacking President Trump, she’s off attacking his administration. On Friday, Chelsea attacked Kellyanne Conway in regards to a message about “Bowling Green terrorists”.

Here’s similar reactions on Twitter:

this silly little girl needs to shut up. She has never had an original idea. Moocher

4h4 hours ago


 Like I said, Chelsea Clinton is under the impression that people actually care about her, her family, or anything else, for that matter.

Here’s a news flash, Chelsea: You are utterly irrelevant in the political atmosphere.

Do you really want to talk about “facts matter” and “research matters”, because we could spends years talking about the REAL facts and REAL research on Benghazi, Global Warming, Clinton Foundation, George Soros,etc, etc…?

You may think you know everything there is to know about politics and principles, because obviously you’ve learned from such a “principled” person like your mother, right? Well, excuse me, while I go puke my guts out, but I think a few people like Ambassador Stevens and Seth Rich, and several others…IF they were still living… would have a slight difference in opinions and a few other NOT so nice things to say about your “principled” mother or father, for that matter.

Americans voted for real change. They voted to “Make America Great Again”. If they had wanted America to continue down the same path of destruction, then more Americans would have voted for your “principled” mentor, Hillary.

But the American people wanted a government with accountability.  They wanted a stronger military. They wanted America to return to the land of laws governed by the Constitution.  They wanted a stronger economy, more jobs and less regulation. They wanted to repeal Obamacare, and the list goes on.

Chelsea, please go back to your million dollar townhome, in the most liberal sanctuary city in America, with your loving relative of George Soros, and maybe if you’re good your mommy will help you run for Congress in 2018.

This is…..THE TRUTH!




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