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BREAKING NEWS: General Michael Flynn Has Just RESIGNED- Effective Immediately


Sorry America. Right now liberals are in a frenzy searching for blood in the water. Conservatives are facing a wall of disbelief as the shock of this news spreads.

National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn has been confirmed to have turned in his resignation.

He has resigned, effective immediately.

The Daily Caller has reported that Flynn’s resignation has been submitted, amid accusations that he has misled Vice President Mike Pence over a call that he had with the Russian ambassador, where he discussed sanctions levied against Moscow.

Pence went to bat for Flynn when the accusations started to spread like the plague shutting it down when he released a statement to the press that the now, former national security advisor had NOT spoken to Russian ambassador Sergey Kislayak.

Heartbreakingly a U.S. official reported to CNN Friday that Flynn had in fact spoken to the Russian ambassador, Kislyak about sanctions in December, before Trumps inauguration.

When the accusations had first broke out the FBI looked into Flynn’s conversations with Russian officials. In January they did report that their findings were that nothing illicit was found in any of the conversations between Flynn and Russian officials.

Here is the resignation letter where Flynn explains why he is resigning.

The White House has already named Lt. General Joseph Keith Kellogg as the Acting National Security Advisor.

These are exciting times, whether for good or bad. Flynn has caused a shake-up in DC, and of course the liberal media as always is on stand-by waiting for something like this to happen…they are jumping at the chance to sink their teeth into us.

You facebook walls are about to be LIT UP with liberal garbage..

Keep your head up, eyes open and looking straight forward.

We are conservatives, as such when one of our own make a mistake, we don’t throw them under the bus, we own the mistake with them, forgive, and move forward.

Always moving forward.

We only have a guaranteed 4 years at this point to do what we can to make America great again, and getting hung up on every little piece of drama that makes its’ way to headlines will ensure failure.

Do not engage with the left and their attempt to suck the dignity out of who we are.

We have good leaders in D.C now, and they will do right by us.

Press forward.

Besides, the left can mock and point their fingers at us all they want, while they do their best to twist mistakes into deadly skins.

But…they tried to make Hillary Clinton the president.

The one deadly sin to rule them all.

No comparison.


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