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BOOM! Actor Chris Pratt Takes MASSIVE Stand Against Liberal, Secular Hollywood


Uh here’s a Hollywood heartthrob that deserves all the fame and riches that come his way. He just seems to be the whole package, and the fact that he’s a celebrity is very refreshing from the usual garbage you see coming out of Hollywood.

He’s funny, handsome, conservative, rich, and famous…but to top it all off, he also has a testimony of God, and is unafraid to share that testimony with the world.

Now that right there…is nearly unheard of!

Just recently Actor Chris Pratt even shared his favorite Bible verse on Instagram, when he shared a gift that his military veteran brother made for him.

The verse is found in Philippians, and it reads:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

Pratt had originally went to his brother, Cully, who is an army veteran, and asked him to make a wooden tray for his keys, wallet and pistol. He had at first requested the ‘classic Chris’ idea of an “American balk eagle smoking a cigar, holding a machine gun and an American flag whirling all bad ass in the wind maybe with some nunchuck or something”






“It’s my favorite thing I have,” Pratt wrote adding his brother is a “hero who loves to make something out of nothing with his bare hands.”

This is why we love the guy…he talks the talk and he is fearless when it comes to walking the walk.

It’s just not what you expect to find coming out of Hollywood, would you agree?

It’s awesome!


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