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Billboard Is SPARKING Massive Controversy After Women Are Told What Kind Of Man To APPRECIATE


Looks like there is about to be a brawl.

A billboard popped up along side a freeway in North Carolina one morning that has a lot of females not very happy…

It reads:  “Real men provide. Real women appreciate it”

Of course with the state we are in after 8 years of Obama…it’s not a wonder that the reaction is mostly women NOT “appreciating” it…


Molly Grace who is a boutique owner in the area said that she sees the sign as an attempt to silence women who want to be seen as equal to men. Which…my first thought? She can go slap herself with her backwards non-thinking.

“It’s absolutely, absolutely insulting to single mothers, to women who have careers whether they are small careers or big careers,” Grace said.

I’m sorry Molly Grace, but nothing about what you just said makes sense. The billboard is saying that real men provide. I think that there are plenty of single mothers out there who would agree…

Real men do provide…

Whether or not women have a career is not the focus here Molly Grace. Go slap yourself. Stop trying to get all dramatic on something so simple…a basic truth.

“We are protesting patriarchy and sexism, and that this antiquated way of thinking about women exists at all,” a post on the Facebook page reads.

“We are protesting the implied demand that women be silent and appreciate, regardless of whatever circumstances, their role as non-providers.”

Oh my gosh… really? See what these commentators are doing? Who said anything about women being silenced and told to appreciate, regardless of circumstances?

Are they saying that they wouldn’t appreciate a man who worked hard to provide for her and their family?

Well then…they aren’t real women. They are females that want to be men.

Not everyone is up in arms about the billboard’s message. One man told WHNT-TV he thought the message was accurate.

“Being a married man myself, I think my wife really appreciates the fact that I can provide for a family and take some of the stress off her.”

The message’s origins are a mystery. The billboard belongs to Whiteheart Outdoor Advertising, and owner Bill Whiteheart said the organization that bought the space does not wish to be identified.

Whiteheart said there will be an announcement soon about the billboard. He did not elaborate. The group has leased the space for 30 days but could stay there longer if they choose to renew.

Look, if a man works hard to provide for his family, it should be appreciated by the woman he is working to provide for. Maybe she has a career herself, maybe she doesn’t….it doesn’t matter.

A real man also appreciates a woman who can pick-up the slack when he is going through tough times…. there is no he or she, when you are a family you are one, a family unit. Appreciating a man is easy for a real woman, because it provides more time for her in giving the opportunity to do the most important job in the world…raising their future…their children.

End of story.


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