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Beyonce NAKED?! Pregnant Star Flashes All, Reveals Baby-Bump On Social Media


Hollywood has long since done away with traditional values once held by society. Now, our shameless culture isn’t even phased by the latest sex-tape from Kim Kardashian, or Beyonce’s awkward twerking (more like a convulsion on stage).qTvOeZ

There is certainly a difference between being open-minded and then just plain trashy. For example, an open-minded person may like taking nude pregnant photos, but they have the class to keep something that personal between themselves and their significant other, no?

If you need an example of a woman without class look no further. This little slut, just used her BABIES to gain popularity, money, and her name recirculating.

Is pregnancy a valid excuse for famous women to take it all off? Do you think it’s a celebration or just exploitation?


She…announced her pregnancy just hours before.

And Beyonce, who is expecting twins, shared an intimate insight into her pregnancy atop life with her husband Jay-Z and five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy in an onslaught of personal snaps shared to her website on Thursday.

The 35-year-old songstress posted the images with the caption: ‘I have three hearts’ emblazoned across, in reference to her two babies, while giving a rare glimpse into her wedding day, holidays with her family and stunning behind the scenes shots of her life.

In one of the boldest snaps, the beautiful star posed totally naked while gazing intensely into the camera, in an image inspired by Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus painting, believed to date back to the mid-1490s, and often replicated in pop culture.



Who cares about her kids, or how it may affect them to be brought up with naked mommy photos circulating the internet, it’s all about how many likes and shares you can get on social media.

Despite what many think, having standards is actually an important part of society. Morals affect our behavior, how we conduct work, how we solve challenges, and how we go about making/keeping our relationships.
PERFECT example: Kim Kardashian, her family tried to achieve fame for years and look how she turned out? Gorgeous, yes, but her actions? Not so pretty, she always flaunts around half-naked to gain attention and fame.


Is fame all it is for these women? Do females like Beyonce and Kim have deeper rooted issues? Daddy issues perhaps? Maybe a low self-esteem because they base their self-worth on their appearance, which, unfortunately, will fade with time no matter how much botox you insert into your skin.

I may be wrong, but, I feel that some things should keep a little mystery in life, specifically naked photos and sex tapes.

It’s sad how they place the most value on their appearance instead of their intelligence.

No one cares what these stars do privately with their photos but on magazine covers and social media? I find it gross. No, I don’t find pregnancy or children gross, I have 3 children, but I don’t want to see other women’s’ popped out belly buttons, stretch marks, or bulging flesh. I find it unsightly. Is this opinion taboo? Should society simply accept the naked photos recently deemed appropriate?


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