Betsy DeVos Now Heads Education Dept: First Order of Congress? Obliterate it Already! [VIDEO]

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Betsy DeVos is now Secretary of the Department of Education.  Democrats and the Republican Establishment that support the National Education Association in their efforts to continue to dumb down public schools are mourning.

If DeVos has her way the cash cow known as the National Education Association will be out of business.  Schoolchildren will also have the opportunity to be educated to a very high standard, but we all know that to Democrats and the Republican Establishment union money is more important than the future of children.

DeVos is a longtime advocate of charter schools and vouchers.  Democrats in the Republican Establishment expect her to be a major proponent of both of those things over the next four years.  The politicos who are addicted to the money handed out by the NEA are terrified by the thought of school choice.  Everywhere school choice has been tried, even a limited basis, it has worked wonders.  Education costs go down, parental involvement goes up, and kids actually learn.

DeVos is getting some help in the Congress from Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie.  He introduced a bill last week to eliminate the Department of Education altogether.  Since Betsy really doesn’t need the job I won’t be surprised when she supports this bill.

Here’s what the bill looks like.

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“Neither Congress nor the president, through his appointees, has the constitutional authority to dictate how and what our children must learn.”

So far, co-sponsors include: Representatives Justin Amash, Andy Biggs, Jason Chaffetz, Matt Gaetz, Jodi Hice, and Raul Labrador.  You won’t be shocked to discover they are all Republicans.

The Department of Education has been on the hit list of conservative Republicans since Ronald Reagan was elected.  Reagan had the best chance to get rid of it but traded keeping the Department of Education for Democratic support to rebuild the military.  In hindsight, it was a bad deal. Reagan should’ve found the money elsewhere.

No matter what happens with this legislation, government employees at the Department of Education are hopefully in for a very, very, very difficult next four years.  With any luck, so are the NEA and college and university administrators who use Department of Education regulations to push a liberal agenda in our colleges and universities that even make Karl Marx blush.

With respect to Congressman Massie’s bill I would simply remind Democrats who will certainly oppose it of this little gem.  It’s all the rationale you need to vote for this bill.

Any questions?

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