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After 63 Years, Queen Elizabeth Passes THIS Torch on to Kate!


It’s hard for most people to imagine doing something they love for over  60 years, and then being able to pass the torch on to someone else you know who is more than qualified for the position. Queen Elizabeth did exactly that recently. After 63 years as the Royal Patron of the Welsh organization called Action for Children, Her Royal Majesty has passed the torch on to Princess Kate.

Princess Kate will be a great Patron for Action for Children. In fact, I don’t think the Queen could ask for anyone more suited for the position. Princess Kate will be a class act with all her passions and love for children.


H/T Liftable:

Kensington Palace released a statement stating that the Princess was “… incredibly proud to follow The Queen as Patron of Action for Children.” It’s a position that she seems to be cherishing from the start.

The Princess just completed her first official rounds in her new position. One of the stops included some time with a young man who called her “Dreadful.” But we’ll get to that.

Princess Kate spent some time with participants of two specific projects. The first was one that has a special place in her heart, Multi-disciplinary Intervention Support Team (MIST).

MIST has a focus on ways to identify, help, and support children with mental health issues. In 2016, the Princess, along with Princes William and Harry started “Heads Together.”


This was a country-wide campaign that encouraged people to discuss mental illness and other mental health issues. So she has some knowledge of this issue, but she still heard some presentations about what MIST is doing and then got an opportunity to interact with some of the children.

She engaged in a game of pool. It was after this game that Craig Davies, her teenage partner, felt she needed some work and said, “She was dreadful!”


Davies was more impressed with what she was doing at MIST. He told the Daily Mail, “She was talking about how MIST helps us and stuff with life and school. She was really interested in what we were talking about.

A Kensington Palace spokesperson stated this was an important day for the Princess. “The Duchess firmly believes that every child who needs it should be given the best support at the earliest opportunity.”

Something tells me, we will be hearing a lot more about this class act and Patron of Action for Children. If you ask me Princess Kate is going to be a strong crusader for mental health awareness.  I think if Lady Diane were still living today, she would be very proud of all the work not only Princess Kate is doing, but her sons, Princes William and Harry, as well. Talk about putting your ‘Heads Together’.



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