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ABC Journalist Says THIS About Sean Spicer! The Liberal Attacks Continue


After just a month on the job Press Secretary Sean Spicer is already being given a run for his money. He has been the subject of Saturday Night Live jokes to start with. Now an ABC News White House correspondent is making some wild accusations about the Press Secretary. Jon Karl is saying he might be at risk because he spends so much time being angry.

In a published interview with Politico Karl said the following,

“You’ve seen Sean Spicer in action from the podium. Sean’s pretty much — he is the way he is, at least in the sense he’s taken over. He’s tough. I worry a little about his health because he spends so much time angry at the podium, and he’s often angry when he’s not at the podium. But he’s under enormous pressure. I don’t think anybody has had a harder job to do. Look at previous White House press secretaries. He’s got such a difficult job.”

According to CNN the President has expressed unsubstantiated disappointment in Spicer’s performance thus far. They are now on the lookout for a Communications Director in an attempt to lighten the load on Spicer.

An anonymous source states that it was Reince Priebus who wanted Spicer in his current position and it was the President who did not believe he belongs there. Axios has reported that the President has expressed a flagrant distaste for Spicer’s attire.

The Washingtonian reported Friday that in the hopes of replacing Spicer the administration is looking at Carl Higbie. He is a former Navy SEAL who has been a staunch supporter of Trump from the very beginning. But the White House has denied such a search.

An administration spokesperson said,

“[Higbie] hasn’t interviewed for anything. He spoke to a few people to say he’d like to help. That’s it.”

Another hiccup for the new Press Secretary occurred due to Kellyanne Conway and her statements about Ivanka Trump and her Nordstrom brand. When asked by reporters he said that Conway had been counseled on her flub which the President allegedly did not like because it gave the appearance she was in trouble.

While it is completely reasonable to question whether he should continue on due to whether he handles the pressure well or not it is completely slanderous and unfounded to allege he is sick. For a man of his power and position that is a dangerous accusation.

Considering there is no evidence to indicate this ABC is perpetuating nothing but fake news.


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