72 Terrorists Convicted From Guess Which Countries? SHOCKED, I SAY! [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump is working hard to protect our country from terrorists.  Democrats and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals are working equally hard to make sure that no terrorist gets left behind in their desire to come to the U.S.

When President Trump first issued his travel moratorium on people from seven predominately Muslim predominately terrorist countries, liberal heads exploded.  The states of Washington and Minnesota joined together in a lawsuit in federal court in Washington to block the travel ban.  They had been judge shopping and found an appropriately liberal fruitcake who promptly issued an order that defies precedent and the Constitution.  The Justice Department appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California – otherwise known as the “Ninth Circus” – who upheld the judge’s order blocking the ban.

The cry from the left when this executive order was issued was that it was a “ban on Muslims” and that there was no rational reason for it.  Like everything else that comes from the left, that’s a lie.

According to a report published last week a total of 72 individuals from the seven countries in question have been convicted – not charged, not accused of, but convicted – of terrorism in the U.S.

The numbers look like this, Somalia leads the pack with 20, Yemen and Iraq are tied with 19 each, seven have come from Syria, for from Iran, two from Libya, and one from the Sudan.  Remember, these are people who were convicted of terrorism in the U.S.

The ruling by the judge and the ruling by the three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit are both so bad that another judge on the Circuit demanded a hearing before the full court.  That should happen sometime in March.

The administration has several options, one of them is to appeal the full circuit decision – should it go against the administration – to the Supreme Court.  In order to do that successfully is critical that judge Gorsuch be seated before the case is heard.  If that doesn’t happen, the decision is likely to be 4-4 with the four liberal judges siding with terrorists.

President Trump, because he cares about keeping Americans safe, may make the unusual move of issuing a second executive order that bans immigration from the seven countries.


It’s good to have a president who actually cares about the security of the nation and who is willing to call a radical Islamic terrorist exactly what they are, Islamic terrorists.

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