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70 years Ago, Queen Elizabeth Made a Promise: She Just Made Good on it and Made History:


Queen Elizabeth II has been the Queen of Great Britain for an extensive amount of time. She has held the title for over six decades, surpassing all other known British monarchs.

Today, Feb. 6 2017, is the 65th anniversary for Elizabeth II. Though nothing public or glorious is going on in celebration, she has her own traditions and enjoys them yearly.

The death of her father shares this important date, and therefore has always held importance for Elizabeth. She and her father shared a special relationship and she honors him with a customary royal gun salute each Feb. 6.

70 years Ago, Queen Elizabeth Made a Promise: She Just Made Good on it and Made History:

Because of the anniversary, the queen does not have outside engagements to attend to. Elizabeth prefers spending this day out of the public eye and in her Sandringham Estate located in Norfolk, England.

Queen Victoria, Elizabeth’s great-grandmother, held the spot of longest monarch at 63 plus years. Queen Victoria once said she never planned to have it work out that way. She said, “Inevitably, a long life can pass by many milestones. My own is no exception.”

Now, 65 years into her reign, it is clear to see that when Elizabeth sets her heart and life on something, she makes it happen. She has held true to the promise she made so long ago, in 1947, when she was a young princess: “My whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service.”

The Royal Mint is commemorating this anniversary with new coins and the Royal Mail is coming out with blue stamps in her honor.

This milestone of hers, dubbed “Sapphire Jubilee,” marks her time as queen. She is still busy these days and even though she has begun to slow down her schedule over the years, she still attended 341 events in 2015.

This isn’t the first number-related milestone the royal has reached. On April 21, 2016 she turned 90. This makes Elizabeth the oldest monarch as well as the longest to rule as monarch.

Along with devoting her life’s work and time to the people, she also has a merry flock of offspring: four children, eight grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. This woman is a legend and clearly a role model to us all. Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth!

Queens, kings, princes and princesses are the stuff of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty — or are they? Among some of us live real-life queens and other royalty along with them.

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