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1 Year After Beyonce’s Racist Super Bowl Show, Lady Gaga Teaches Her Painful Lesson!


Although many conservatives protested NFL football this year, thanks to all the disrespectful kneeling going on, several tuned in to watch Super Bowl LI on Sunday. The Patriots sure made it interesting in the ultimate championship game against the Atlanta Falcons right up to the last couple minutes of the game.

But while many tuned in to watch the Super Bowl LI game, some tuned in to watch the very creative commercials, and still others tuned in to watch the half-time show with Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga’s performance was such a success, her sales and streaming  increased by over 1000%.


H/T Conservative Tribune:

Despite being a staunch opponent of President Donald Trump, whom she frequently criticized during the 2016 presidential election, singer Lady Gaga nevertheless chose Sunday to keep overt politics completely out of her Super Bowl LI performance.

And this despite her having made a pledge last week that had led some to believe she would use her platform at the Super Bowl to slam the president.

“I believe in a passion for inclusion,” she had said during a news briefing last week, as noted by Breitbart. “I believe in the spirit of equality and the spirit of this country as one of love, and compassion, and kindness. My performance will uphold those philosophies.”

Liberals mistakenly presumed that this meant she would attack the president — though for the record, he supports inclusion as much as anyone else — but clearly, their arrogant presumption about Lady Gaga’s performance had been just as wrong as their conviction that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 presidential election.

Recent Super Bowl history, of course, gave them plenty of reason to think politics would intrude on America’s biggest television moment. It was only a year ago, after all, that pop tart Beyonce disgraced herself and outraged about half the country with a meanspirited — and ignorant — attack on the nation’s police officers. Lady Gaga’s largely politics-free performance, by contrast, was a crowd-pleaser.

This willingness by the singer to place patriotism and unity over her personal political beliefs — something rarely seen among her petulant peers in Hollywood — might have put a few liberal noses out of joint, but likely won her a bevy of new fans.

In fact, according to Billboard, the singer’s performance inspired an estimated 5.1 million tweets — most of them positive, but some of course negative as well:

For the most part, though, the American people loved Lady Gaga’s performance. Even the president’s daughter Ivanka was impressed:

Despite what a lot of libs were hoping to see, Lady Gaga did not flash her boobs like Janet Jackson, get trashy like Miley Cyrus, or bore us with her political opinion like Beyonce did. Instead, Lady Gaga kept the half-time show of Super Bowl LI clean, entertaining and enjoyable. How refreshing!

Evidently, I’m not the only one who thought Lady Gaga’s performance was great as well.

Two days removed from her well-received Super Bowl halftime performance, her music sales and streaming stats are soaring.

Digital sales: Nielsen Music reports she sold 125,000 song downloads. That’s up roughly 960% compared to the day before the game. She sold over 23,000 albums on Sunday, representing a 2,000% increase.

The newest song in her Super Bowl set, A Million Reasons, saw the biggest sales bump with 45,000 downloads, up 900% from one day earlier. In fact, A Million Reasons, a track from her October release Joanne, had its best sales week ever.

Good for you, Lady Gaga! Thanks for keeping it classy!



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