You Won’t BELIEVE What US Senator We Caught Inciting Protests At Major Airport!

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Traitor, and US Senator, Elizabeth Warren, traveled to the airport in Boston and joined an angry protester group.

Talk about annoying, this woman hurt everyone’s ears with her awful voice when she initiated her chant time and time again. During her “speech” She stirred the assembled crowd into a giant frenzy of frustration.

Did you happen to notice the cult-like repetition? This is common at anti-American protests like Occupy.

She stated: “There is no attack on anyone for their religious beliefs.”

“We will not turn away children.” Yes, because it is so obviously for the innocent children.

Again, someone who is more concerned with people outside the country, then with upholding the law and protecting those within, as is her responsibility as a member of Congress.

She and Hillary Clinton are hoping to ride a wave of ‘resistance’ to a comeback for Democrats in 2020.

So they will push everything they can and everything they see until then.

Perhaps Elizabeth Warren should focus more on her own ethics problems?

Not to mention, how will her cult-like followers respond to the news that she failed to disclose a $1.3 million line of credit provided to her by Bank of America?

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