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White House Staffer Turns on Obama: Dishes “Dirty Little Secret” He’s Been Trying to Hide


The Washington insider rats continue to jump ship as this White House staffer turns on Obama faster than Rosie O’Donnell signing up for a butter convention:

According to MRC Blog, Michael R. Wear spent years working as a White House staffer before serving as the coordinator of President Obama’s faith-outreach efforts during the 2012 election. In a recent interview with The Atlantic, he decided to reveal the unprecedented amount of ignorance, apathy and disdain toward the Christian religion he encountered during his time in Obama’s White House.

Western Journalism reported:

He had reportedly drafted a faith-outreach fact sheet describing the president’s views on poverty and titled it, Economic Fairness and the Least of These.

By “Least of These,” he meant a line from the Christian Bible wherein Jesus commands his disciples to care for “the least of these,” i.e., the poor and marginalized.

Anyone with knowledge of the Bible would know that, but shockingly, Wear’s peers in the White House did not.

“Another staffer repeatedly deleted ‘the least of these,’ commenting, ‘Is this a typo? It doesn’t make any sense to me. Who/what are ‘these’?’” The Atlantic explained.

But this was just the tip of the iceberg. As time passed, Wear began to notice that the administration was “unnecessarily antagonistic toward religious conservatives,” especially in regard to its fight over abortion funding and contraception requirements.

Moreover, this attitude had expanded throughout the entire party.

“The Democratic Party used to welcome people who didn’t support abortion into the party,” he said. “We are now so far from that, it’s insane.”

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The Democrats made almost no effort to connect to religious voters during the most recent election, and it proved to be a huge mistake, as 81 percent of Evangelicals and a majority of Catholics ended up voting for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. “Reaching out to evangelicals doesn’t mean you have to become pro-life,” said Wear. “It just means you have to not be so in love with how pro-choice you are, and so opposed to how pro-life we are.”

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