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What Are You Waiting For?…


There were certainly a lot of celebrities that vowed to leave America if Trump were elected president. These Hollyood liberals included Lena Dunham, Bryan Cranston, Samuel L. Jackson, Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer, Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Stewart and Cher. But last I checked, many were still here! What’s up with that?

In fact it seems, Cher has recently been out spouting off about Trump and is still whining about the fact that Hillary Clinton lost. Like most liberal supporters of Clinton’s, Cher and the other Hollywood liberals just can’t deal with the fact that most Americans want to “Make America Great Again”.


H/T I Have The Truth:

Famed singer and radical leftist Cher is at it again, making outrageous and unwarranted comments.

At a posh Hollywood fundraiser at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, she told the audience, “When I watch Trump I just want to blow my brains out. Or maybe not my brains. But I’m just like ‘What are you talking about? Jesus.’”

The 70-year-old singer previously endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, saying:

I’ve been alive through 11 presidents and when I was young, I didn’t even know it was possible for a women to be president of the United States. I want to tell you that when Clinton ran for Senate, they asked me if I wanted to spend some time with her at a tea party gathering where she would talk to women. I was so interested in what she had to say, she was so different.

I’ve known her for a long time now and I have to say that no matter which way the political winds have blown at any moment, her moral compass has always pointed towards grace, justice for genders, and justice for sexual orientation, which is big for me. All of those things are important to me.
Is this woman for real?! Seriously!

First, the 19th Amendment which granted women the right to vote has been around since 1920. Cher must have been high on ganja or skipped American history classes.

Second, I highly doubt Hillary Clinton attended a ‘Tea Party’…it was probably more like a tea party with round tables and white linen tablecloths…with Hollywood elites or snobs, sipping the finest English tea!

Third, Clinton was SO different…well, you got that right! That should have been Cher’s FIRST clue, right? Socialists ARE different from most American patriots.  No surprise there.

Finally, in regards to a moral compass….??? Hillary Clinton doesn’t have one! Are you kidding me?! Where have you been these past 20 years….smoking on a bong with Cheech and Chong? Clinton took millions of dollars in donations from countries in the Middle East like Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Both countries have absolutely horrid records when it comes to human rights, lack of equal rights for women, violence against women and children and human trafficking. Are you STILL going to try and tell me Hillary Clinton has a moral compass?….get REAL!

If you ask me, I think Cher’s smoked way too much ganja!…but then again she also said she would go to Jupiter if Trump were elected.

Hey Cher! I just have ONE thing to say….Have a nice flight!

Judicial Watch obtained an email that shows that the Pentagon was demanding Hillary allow them to send help to Benghazi.

Don’t we all wish we could turn back time?



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