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Watch This Army Colonel UNLEASH on Obama [VIDEO]


Lt. Col. Ralph Peters had some harsh words for the Obama administration over their policies in the Middle East, specifically related to ISIS.

Col. Peters was on Fox News, where he is a commentator about military and Middle East issues, shortly after President Barack Obama condemned ISIS for committing genocide against religious minorities in the Middle East, specifically Christians.

Here’s what Col. Peters had to say:

“… Do not be afraid. Mr. President, we are not afraid, we are angry, we’re pissed off, we are furious… We want you to do something.”

My favorite part of Col. Peters rant was, “This is a President who cares more about thugs in Guantánamo, or thugs in Ferguson, Missouri than he does about law-abiding American citizens and their right to live in safety.”

Peters went on to say, “This administration still romanticizes Islam. It still finds Christian somehow distasteful. It’s almost as if the administration feels Christians have no real right to be in the Middle East. And Christians were there a long time before Muslims were – six centuries.”

That’s an excellent summary by Col. Peters.

Barack Obama has spent the last eight years giving love and respect to thugs like Treyvon “if I had a son” Martin and Michael Brown. He doesn’t need to wait for the facts, he’s a community organizer. He understands that his job as President is not to bring the nation together, his job is to enable thugs against the part of America that is productive, loves and respects their country, and pays the bills while thugs burn cities down.

Barack Obama’s support for #BlackLivesMatter is one of the primary reasons 762 people were murdered in Chicago in 2016. He and his Justice Department have created an environment for police in our major cities where it’s not safe for them to actually enforce the law. When cops stop confronting thugs the murder rate in places like Chicago goes up by 50%. Who really pays the price for Obama? People who live in the inner-city, on the South and West side of Chicago, inner-city residents of Baltimore – where the murder rate has skyrocketed, and inner cities all across the country. The people who pay the price for Barack Obama are the ones who came out and gave him about 95% of their votes. This is a good time to note that you get the government you deserve.

As a side note, I’d also like to point out to the commentator that you should absolutely be able to tell the truth on the air, and Barack Obama is a pussy.


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