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Valerie Jarrett says Obama’s White House has been scandal-free and THIS With a Straight Face [WATCH]


Valerie Jarrett is running around spreading the false “news” narrative that Obama made it – all 8 years scandal free! Delusional or diabolical?

She knows good and well Obama’s two terms have not been scandal free. It is a liberal tradition to throw lies out there and hope they stick!

Ends justify the means. As long as you accomplish your goal, it doesn’t matter if you steal, lie, or kill to get there.

Watch in disbelief!

From Benghazi to Fast and Furious. The IRS to EmailGate. …and that’s just a start….

What about that $400 billion that Obama sent to our good friends in Iran to ransom hostages? Yeah…the taxpayers’ cash they loaded on a plane in the middle of the night.

What about Obama using taxpayer dollars to interfere in Israel’s elections?


But these comments are not “off the cuff”. Barack Obama laid out this false narrative weeks ago when he spouted the very same insane bunch of hooey.

There is really no reason to go on listing all of Obama’s scandals, we have suffered enough through the last eight years. I would just be singing to the choir.

The real scandal is the methodical lying to the American people in order to protect your legacy.

Obama and Co. are teaching a whole new generation of young people that it is ok to lie as long as it accomplishes your task at hand.

Had a Republican president had some of the scandals that Obama has had there would have already been an impeachment.

The news media has been an accomplice. Most people believe that Benghazi is an Italian dessert because the MSM has REFUSED to even mention the tragedy.

The biggest scandals of all? 8 years of being called a racist if you speak out against the “first black president”!

Insanity Valerie Jarrett! Obama has stifled the job market for almost a decade and left race relations in tatters. The black community has suffered more under Obama than they have in decades. It’s been a SCANDAL RIDDEN catastrophe!

No scandals my butt!

Valarie Jarrett is running around spreading the false "news" narrative that Obama made it all 8 years scandal free! Delusional or diabolical?



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