Trump Supporter ‘BIG JOE’ Confronts Libs at LA Women’s March – Becomes Viral Sensation!

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Well, if you hadn’t noticed there was a woman’s march a few days ago in Washington, DC and other cities nationwide. Liberals were out in force with their “pu**y eared hats protesting in full force against President Trump. In LA several hundred thousand turned out. I guess when you have liberal Hollywood celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Jane Fonda, Barbara Streisand, Natalie Portman, Jessica Biel and Helen Hunt speaking – to name a few – you tend to draw a crowd.

Surprisingly enough though, even with all those big name celebrities, none of them were quite the sensation as a gentleman named ‘BIG JOE’. It seems a young male Trump supporter, named Jeffrey, and his video cameraman decided to interview a few folks at the LA Women’s March. They just happen to come across ‘BIG JOE’ at the Women’s March in LA, on his bicycle, who was just “passing through” the crowd and stopped to interview him. Since this interview, ‘BIG JOE’ has become a HUGE hit on social media. This video since has been viewed over 12 million times.

“They call me ‘BIG JOE’. I’m just passing through.”

“I have nothing to do with this. THIS …whatever you want to call this.”

“I don’t even understand why they are having this? They had an inauguration yesterday…”

“What did Trump do?…He just came into office. What is THIS?”

“I see signs of unity, love and peace, and yet on inauguration day they were burning McDonald’s, Starbucks,… setting a limo on fire…What is this?”

‘BIG JOE’ goes on:

“He was elected rightfully by the majority of the country? …What about the other half that DO like him? What about them? What about their feelings?”

When Obama was elected president… pushed his policiticl agenda… political correctness. …Did you see people doing all this? No! We united behind our American president!…We stuck it out!.. ”

Then it happens!

Some lib opens her mouth and berates ‘BIG JOE’  for riding a bicycle of all things. She calls him “oblivious”.  I guess she couldn’t think of anything smart to say. As if to say, riding a bicycle downtown LA when there are thousands of protesters is a dumb idea or because he rode a bike, he must not have any brains. Boy! What a ditz!

But ‘BIG JOE’ stands his ground. He never backs down. In fact if anything, he goes on to educate these low-information sheeple on such topics as socialism, political correctness, and Planned Parenthood.

‘BIG JOE’ states: “Know your history”.

“I’m against PC agenda. PC is unAmerican. PC is a disease.”


In regards to Planned Parenthood, ‘BIG JOE’ states:

“KNOW YOUR HISTORY”…he goes on to talk about Margaret Sanger and black genocide…when other protesters begin to chime in.

‘BIG JOE’ goes on to add:

“Half the country is not offended by Trump? …What about them? ”

“Everybody is afraid of you guys.  If they stand up for Trump….they are deemed a racist…and everybody is terrified…this is wrong…THIS IS THE United States Of America. …You say you know your president! Then you shouldn’t be here! Leave! Many of the elitists Hollywood people that said they were going to leave….they didn’t leave!…You don’t like him!… Then leave!…This is a free country!….”

“…you have people in this group that are anti-American and they are playing  on your emotions…so you can continue to turn around and divide this country. ….bring about chaos and anarchy..”

“Open your eyes. Use your head.”

“…You don’t understand what’s going on!….You better be smart!….Choose your battles….Use your head!….”

Then, another protester shouts something unheard by the microphone, but ‘BIG JOE’ continues:

“Education….what’s the problem? ….he just got into office….everybody….education not for nothing….education has taught you guys you follow the controlled media… that whatever they demonize you just automatically follow….you should be able to see – right from wrong….That’s not using your head! …That’s not using your head!…Be smart!….PEOPLE WAKE UP! Be Smart! You want to be logical? Be smart!”

“There were so many people that supported Trump….you know where they supported him….in the booth.”

All of you people are SHOCKED! Nobody thought he would be elected. You need to unit behind him NOW.

Amen, ‘BIG JOE’! Amen! Donald Trump is President of the United States of America! The pu**y eared liberals need to deal with it! Afterall, we dealt with ALL of Obama for 8 years and you didn’t see us out starting fires, burning limos, and rioting did you? Of course, maybe that was because we didn’t have billionaires like George Soros funding our events either.

Something tells me ‘BIG JOE’ might have a BIG future ahead of him!



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