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Trump Officials Threaten Sweeping Investigations of Obama Administration. Awesome. [VIDEO]


President Obama promised a clean transition and, to no one’s surprise, that’s not happening.


President Obama and the Democrats have been doing everything they can to stack the deck against a clean transition to the Trump administration. Especially in foreign policy. Obama is desperate to try to salvage some sort of positive legacy from the last eight years as Donald Trump is getting ready to wipe out ObamaCare and the Iran deal.

While Trump personally isn’t threatening to investigate Obama administration officials, highly placed sources are indicating that if Obama continues on his current path in foreign policy with the Russians and the Israelis specifically, they can expect sweeping investigations.

One highly placed Trump insider expressed concern about billions of U.S. dollars going to the Middle East as part of the Iran deal. “At this rate the feeling is Obama will have to face consequences for what he’s doing right now. We can take a very close look at him, Valerie Jarrett, John Kerry and his inner circle to see what they have really been doing, especially in the Middle East.”

Apparently there’s a belief in the Trump camp that U.S. officials personally benefited from the Iran deal. There are questions about why the deal was done in the first place and there’s evidence that the Obama administration made a number of side deals with the Iranians.

There are certainly no shortage of things that should be investigated relating to Obama’s 8 years in office. Specifically, the IRS treatment of conservative organizations. The IRS actions in withholding tax exempt status from conservative organizations has never really been thoroughly investigated. Certainly the Congress has been holding hearings on the issue but those hearings have been a complete waste of time. The Obama administration has repeatedly thumbed their nose at the Congress and Congress has taken no action.

The Obama administration has basically weaponized the federal government against the American people. While the nation has a long history of new administrations taking power and ignoring actions of previous administrations, Barack Obama and his syndicate have certainly set the standard for unethical and illegal actions.

As we come to Inauguration Day one of the big questions has to be, will Barack Obama and his inner circle – Valerie Jarrett, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and others – be held accountable for their criminal actions?

In 16 days we should begin to find out.


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