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Trump Just Did Something SHOCKING To Woman Inside His Hotel!


Time and time again people make up the excuse that Donald Trump is out of touch with society due to his wealth. They act like because he was never previously a politician, it would be impossible to be the president. What will those people think when they read what Trump has done now?

The day before his inauguration, a woman staying at Trumps International Hotel in Washington received a hefty $1000 bill while she was dining at his restaurant.

According to reports, President Trump met Florida resident Jenna Setticasi, who was dining at the restaurant inside his hotel Thursday night. She was a huge fan of his, to say the least, just before Trump passed her up to take a picture with her friend he did something incredible. He picked up her tab without a thought because that’s just the kind of guy Trump is. He is caring and compassionate.
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Reports reveal that the friends waited outside the Trump International Hotel when they heard Trump was arriving.

When Rosser-Seiz spotted Trump she started yelling to get his attention.

In a video clip you could hear the ecstatic woman shouting:

“I love you, Trump, I love absolutely love — make America great, oh my god I’m going to cry, he hugged me.”

As you may have guessed, no national media outlets have picked up this story. They are the negative liberal type who like to focus on the president’s controversial statements and the fake stories circulated by his enemies.

However, there was one rare publicist, Independent Journal Review, that published just a few of President Trump’s good deeds. One of which involved giving Grammy-nominated singer Jennifer Hudson housing after three of her family members were murdered.

He also wrote Army Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi an enormous check to help him get his life back after he was released from a prison in Mexico.

You can really tell a person’s character when you see what they do when no one is looking, or in this case when the press isn’t around to document his every move. This story was leaked by the woman herself. If this is what the president does behind closed doors, imagine what he will do for the American people!


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