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BREAKING! Trump Just Promised to cut Up to 75 Percent of Federal Regulations! Oh Yeah!!


Monday was a busy day for Donald Trump and boy is he off and running!

He abandoned TPP, put a freeze on federal government hiring, and re-instituted a ban on federal funding for overseas family planning groups that assist or counsel women seeking abortions.

He also met with congressional, labor and business leaders, promising to cut up to 75 percent of federal regulations! Right on!!

“We’re going to be cutting regulation massively,” Trump said during a White House meeting with business leaders. “We think we can cut regulations by 75 percent, maybe more.”

When Trump was sworn in on Friday, the Federal Register contained 89,535 regulations published since 1994.

Critics are saying the world will end if he cuts 75 percent of federal regulations. Dorks!


Banks will take over the world, the environment will crumble, and…

The results of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe!… Granted, that’s the worst-case scenario. The destruction however might be limited merely to our own galaxy.

Remember that line? 10 points if you name the movie!

The Hill reports:

Trump has offered few specifics about how his administration intends to cut so many regulations. While Republican lawmakers can repeal a small number of recently published rules through the Congressional Review Act, they have less authority over rules that have been on the books for years.

House Republicans have expressed interest in passing the Searching for and Cutting Regulations that are Unnecessarily Burdensome (SCRUB) Act. This would establish a commission to repeal old rules.

But the SCRUB Act has little chance of passing the Senate, as Democrats could filibuster the bill.

The Trump administration would likely need to write new rules that repeal the outdated regulations.

So…get writing! That woulds be the best thing that could happen to this nation. The 10th Amendment handed almost all governance to the states and we need to put it back that way!


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