Do You Think People Are Taking Advantage of Our Welfare System?

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It’s no suprise to most conservative Americans that Obama is known as the ‘Food Stamp President’ and the ‘Worst President Ever’. Since Obama has taken office, the number of people on food stamps has reached an all-time high – over 46 million. In addition, Obama is the only president in office to have less than a 3% growth in the GDP. He also doubled our national debt to over $20 trillion and increased the number of Americans on poverty by over 4%. In other words…as far as our economy goes….Obama SUCKED!

It’s also no surpise the number of welfare recipients under Obama went up as well. It used to be to qualify for welfare, recipients had to prove they were desperate for things like food and shelter – you know necessities in life. But we all know, when Democrats are in charge of welfare, more people are on it and with that comes more abuse of the system. State-issued aid cards have been used and abused – for hotels, shops, restaurants, ATM machines, etc.


H/T Right Wing News:

So, let’s take a look at one example of the frustrations that some have with those who abuse the system.

In a Facebook post that The Conservative Tribune re-posted on their site, a man explains that he observed a non-English-speaking woman pay for her items with one of the governments taxpayer sponsored Electronic Benefit Transfer food stamp cards and then drive away in a luxury-grade SUV.

Here is what the man posted:

She didn’t speak English, used EB card, then climbed into that,” he wrote on Facebook. “I work 7 days a week, owe out the a– and put a steady oil supply into my 1991 ford. I don’t get a EBT card. Why? It’s sad. We work all our lives n someone crosses the border n starts off better than my 50 year struggle.”


This painful post re-emerged again last spring when a staunch supporter of then-Republican candidate, Donald Trump, shared it on his Twitter account:

“I am SICK & DAMN tired of this crap,” the Trump fan wrote. “If #Trump gets POTUS this WILL STOP. ARE YOU PISSED OVER THIS CRAP?”

— TRUMP HETEROSEXUAL ™ (@tracieeeeee) March 1, 2016

Honestly? YES!

I think most other Americans, besides myself are too! We are sick and tired of working hard, earning a living and then watching as others collect their welfare checks, pay for their “necessities” and drive off in better cars than most of us own. There is SO much abuse of the system. In addition, the recipients have gotten lazier and lazier, and more dependent on government, but Democrats love it. It means more votes for them. Because since Obama took office, the requirement for those on food stamps to find work has been waived. That’s right! They don’t have to even LOOK for a job!

When Donald Trump takes over on January 20th, let’s hope he changes the welfare reform system. The first thing he should do is cancel the waiver that Obama put in place. Make these recipients look for jobs!

As Ronald Reagan said:


Trump needs to return to the old policies of welfare reform. Recipients should have to show proof of either job training or job searchs. They should be actively involved in work activities. The days of laziness should be over! If recipients can’t show evidence of either training or searching for jobs – they should be done! As the Welfare Nazi would say – No Checks for YOU!

On January 20th, it’s time to “Make America Great Again”!

What do you think? Are people taking advantage of our welfare system? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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